Good News, FINALLY A place that’s safe “for the children!” Guantanamo Bay Cuba! Viva Zapata! (or whoever those commie Cuban hero’s are these days)

“A refrain you often hear from the Americans on base is that it is incredibly safe at Guantánamo Bay, especially for children. And: There are so many playgrounds that I lost count after 10”

I can’t speak for you, my fellow citizens and citizenettes, but based on this article I read, I think I have found a place where children can be children, and never ever fear the boogieman, the turreriss’s or the hoardes pedophilezzz that plague Towne’s across America today: Guantamo Bay torture camp is “for the children.”

This place is paradise, on earth, with all the right security, tons of playgrounds and “ethnic” food joints, and a reasonable ratio of foreign servants, infidels, heathens and unwashed to the real Americans who make America great. Just have a look at these heavenly stats:

154 men imprisoned at the detention camp-which works out to 25.974 terrorist per law abiding American-very much like it is here in the real word, and Our Towne.

There are 4,000 Americans on the base.

“Most of the 2,000 laborers here are Jamaican and Filipino” (note: that’s 1/2 of a foreign laborers per AMERICAN! Which, to my sound mind, isn’t enough, but it’s a start. Unlike here in Our Towne, where there are four Mexican gardeners per person, this place is ALMOST the paradise that we once were, before the PEDOPHILE hoardes and the CHINESE took over!)

“22 Cubans who live on base. They decided to cast their lot with Uncle Sam when Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 and now live in a community that looks like a miniature Miami subdivision” (note: as anyone who has ever met an ex-pat Cuban can testify, this is probably TOO many of those peeple, but at least they stay employed, and hate the same peeple that we do-“the dirts.”)

Some Cubans are buried in the base’s cemetery. Some of the gravestones there are marked as “Cuban Exile,” as if this were an ontological designation. There are many American infants buried there. I don’t quite know why.( I am not sure why I included this detail from the original piece, but it seemed important….)

There are so many playgrounds that I lost count after 10

“Guantánamo Bay is a warped American dream, a caliginous sliver of our imperial legacy soothed by the gentle lapping of the Caribbean Sea. A refrain you often hear from the Americans on base is that it is incredibly safe at Guantánamo Bay, especially for children, who can roam here as they presumably no longer can in the United States, which is awash in the depredations of sexual predators and drug fiends and Justin Bieber’s posse. Life’s irenic rhythms are apparently not threatened by the 154 men imprisoned at the detention camp just over the hill from the W.T. Sampson Elementary School, a few of whom stand legitimately accused of trying to kill Americans through various acts of terror. So, yes, a little dark laughter is in order….

“They used to call Guantánamo “Git Mo’,” a reference to the brothels of the nearby town of Caimanera, where one pleasure-seeker found Cuban prostitutes “accommodating ‘our boys’ in ways Mother never intended.” The current inaccessibility of said carnal enjoyments is just one of the many results of the long-standing, and by now totally pointless, hostilities between Cuba and the United States. However, the Marines who guard the fence line say that, from their watchtowers, they can see Cuban soldiers line up to enter these legendary prostitution dens.

Like pretty much everything else at Guantánamo Bay, this sounds too ridiculous to not be true.”

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In the summer and fall of 2005, in an isolation hut in Guantánamo, Mohamedou Ould Slahi handwrote a memoir of what he calls his “endless world tour” of detention and interrogation — an odyssey that began when he turned himself in for questioning in his native Mauritania in November 2001, and included renditions to Jordan, then to Bagram in Afghanistan, and finally to Guantánamo, where he was subjected to one of the most stubborn, deliberate, and cruel Guantánamo interrogations on record….