While I was out on my usual rounds, sojourning in my Panoptical-all-knowing-pedophile-rounder-upper, I discovered, much to my dismay and horror-that there is a PILE of NEEDLES sitting malevolently right on top of our heads, and weighing Our Towne down like a millstone-here, have a look at the Yuuuuge! needles that are hovering above the haystacks in our little kreshes, and waiting to poke all of “the children!”:

Needles on the Haystack.jpg
I found this pile of needles just after I landed my vintage Panoptical-all-knowing pedophile-rounder-upper on top of the local Mount Woodrow .


Let me be very clear: I am of the opinion that the pedophiles are thumbing their noses at the 72 billion dollar Magic Pedophile Catcher Machine from Acme Bombz-n-Guns-R-Us, and I am feeling less safe because of it. And the federal government is behind in it’s boogieman funding initiatives;  this is no laughing matter, because Our Towne is not getting its fair share, despite all of these needles floating precariously above our haystacks!

This is the Panoptical-all-knowing-pedophile-rounder-upper, being guarded on top of Mount Woodrow by a certified Jr. Pedophile Hunter from the Good Guys squadron.

Related: States spend billions on local homeland security- has the Homeland Security Cash Cow Run Wild, as Shepherds Short Change “The Peeple?!”  If you see something-ANYTHING, SAY SOMETHING! Because this way, the more we can jack the statistics, and show Uncle Shem that we are doing Our Parte, we will get MORE funding to fight the PEDOPHILES! After all, we did such a great job fighting turreriss’s. like the evil Jeremy Hammond!


It costs a sh!tload of money to catch these evil-doers. In 2011 for instance, the Magic Pedophile Catcher Machine cost the US taxpayer trillions of dollars, yet the federal government has been steadily robbing Us The Peeple, and slighting us our fair share of specially earmarked pedophile fighter money.Where’s our reward for fighting hte turreriss’s?? Are they intending to rob us now in our time of crisis?

Poor little California only got $340,215,472 in 2011! What an outrage, as Our Towne suffers an influx of hungry pedophiles, waiting to do GOD (and a few priests, gym teachers, retired cops, teachers, Boy Scout troop leaders, Junior Rotary clubbersand others) KNOWS WHAT with Our Children, kith and kin.

Related Big News: It’s not getting any better, no matter how many trillions we throw at the problem-we are simply besieged with pedophiles!

The creation of the new cabinet-level Homeland Security agency after 9/11 and the associated identification of a new homeland security mission to prevent, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, constituted the largest reorganization in the United States government since World War II.

Absent the wars, the US would have spent some money on the areas we now identify as homeland security, but nowhere near as much. Between Fiscal Year 2001-2016, homeland security appropriations are estimated to be $548 billion higher than they would have been otherwise.

State and local governments have also spent money on homeland security, but it is difficult to assess how much of that spending has been reimbursed by federal grants.[fine print here about curiously ABSENT data: State and municipal governments also likely spent a significant amount on homeland security, but the total is difficult to calculate given a lack of government data…]

Clearly more money is needed, every minute every hour! We must be en guarde! Because size matters when it cometh to the limitless amounts of money that WE THE PEOPLE must be willing to throw at pedophiles, and other # badguyz. Because New York-Neeeeew Yoooork! got $377,844,007 the same year and for WHAT? New York-Neeeew YOOOOORK! certainly doesn’t have a southern border loaded with terrorists like this one (that we were able to catch before he grew up to be a pedophile-as we know from recent news acounts and official sources that the terrorist threat ALWAYS morphs into a PEDOPHILE threat) who faked his own death trying to get into the Land of the Free!

AYlan Kurdi is a hoax photo bs

And look at the well oiled public relations that these sheister-towel-head-terrorists have- this little future terrorist/pedophile/badguy was clearly a hoax perpetrated by the Pedophile Lobby of the World to gain *sympathy* or something worse. PATHETIC, that these types wave their dead or otherwise disabled and distorted and disembodied relatives in ou faces for a PATHETIC and MANIPULATIVE play at our deep empathy for others. Get real and grow up-Needles in Haystacks just don’t go away overnight, or change! They only become bigger pointier needles! And they poke all of our eyes out eventually if we don’t burn down the haystack to get these at guys.

Spending on Security State Apparatus and Magik* Pedophile Catcher Machinery: Grants to California in 2011

Total grants: $340,215,472

Per capita grants: $9.11*
1. Urban Areas Security Initiative** $141,599,909
2. State Homeland Security $72,983,062
3. Port Security ** $45,591,618
4. Transit Security ** $28,725,355
5. Emergency Management Performance $25,951,025
6. Operation Stonegarden $10,326,313
7. Metropolitan Medical Response System $5,070,474
8. Nonprofit Security $2,835,532
9. Regional Catastrophic Preparedness ** $2,563,952
10. Tribal Homeland Security $1,912,115
11. Driver’s License Security $1,641,311
12. Citizen Corps $787,232
13. Emergency Operations Center $227,57

Pedophiles are forcing us to spend more and more just to hunt them down in the haystack. My eyes hurt from all those needles poking into our homes at all times, and we clearly need MORE MONEY to burn down those haystacks that the pedophile hoardes are hiding in.That really lights my fuse!

National Security Roller Coaster.jpg

But, I, Panoptical Orpheus, must carry on, keep my head up, and do the hard job that I am asked to do and fill my eyes with eedles, so you, the people, don’t have to. This way, there is a clear distinction between “us”-the HERO’s and everybody else. Sore eyes-see here? It’s the eyesores that make us different.

snowden needle meme.jpg