My neighbor Doug is selling his house and moving away all of a sudden!  I dunno- who will I swap stories with now that he’s gone? Who will “tell the towne councille” about all of the fun things that happen to the  wires and electric poles and internet connections around here? And who will be the arbiter of whether or not my wife is a #goodguy or not? I remember our last conversation, how he inferred that there were big guns and uppity ups lookin’ at us who felt that only rats and others who subvert Constitutional liberty are “goodguys.”

And my poor wife- she doesn’t even know a thing about what these people are up to or how Panoptical Orpheus is a superhero, like a lightning rod of words, attracting slime and hidden attention every where I go.

I dunno. I sure wish I had a dollar or two with which I could just pack up and move to a nicer place. Where  DO people get the extra money to do that? Money just doesn’t grow on trees! Money has to come from SOMEWHERE.

All I can imagine is that he must have landed a Pullitzer Prize winning story that SOMEONE is wiling to pay dividends for. I mean, good stories don’t just grow on trees!

Or maybe the magik shoppe is turning a profit finally- after all, someone over  there noted that he is behind may months in rent. Maybe the Towne Councille came into some of that federal money suddenly, that money to fight all of the terroriss’s and badguys, via subverting the Constitution at the internet switch.

I dunno. I guess I will stay put for awhile. After all, it would take millions for Panoptical Orpheus to even imagine how to fight such corruption against liberty– who can possibly get a case in court with all the goodguys in plain agreement that only they deserve Constitutional liberty?

I will just take my mind off of all of this for now- I mean, when good people move away, and others put their children in godless Communist nations to protect them from all the #goodguys here, well, something just isn’t right! What might that be….?


I dunno. This slow roll-out of TOTAL PRIVACY RAPE by the goodguys makes a slow boat to China seem inevitable- and fast, even. You can’t catch fish unless you wiretap ALL Americans the same as terrorists (but wiretap a few of them a little more than the other ones.)

IMG_0254 3.jpg

Obama opens the Bush era NSA honeypot of ALL Americans data to 16 other politicized agencies

I mean- a guy can’t take a sh!t anymore without some gubmint agency or another listening in on the plopping sound of Democracy, as they flush it down the toilet. Maybe China is really where Democracy has fled, after all of these #goodguys bailed on America.

IMG_0312 9 yes

This. Just this. Or, maybe a Chinese junk.