From Counter Punch in 2006: Scapegoats and Shunning

Framing a narrative takes effort, but getting people to swallow the big pill of lies traveling the world a thousand times before the truth wakes up takes a military industrial complex, combined with a 71 billion dollar pedophile catcher machine.

And even then? They somehow almost always miss the fact that those who rape, molest, or otherwise profiteer off of the narrative of child exploitation are people in authority over kids- a bunch of hypocritical hoaxers.

The New York Times recently published a sensational story about a teenage boy who went on line to entice more than 15,000 customers to watch his own pornographic images of himself. The Times reporter, acting less like a reporter and more like a crusading cop, coaxed the boy away from his life of debauchery, reminding him he would instantly switch from “victim” to “perpetrator” when he passed his 18th birthday. (Actually, those under 18 may be treated as perpetrators, too.) He helped get the boy to the FBI to close in on many of his key customers, whom the Times had further investigated on its own. These customers included police officers, lawyers, ministers, rabbis, social workers–and especially those who work with children and adolescents. Many also were parents and grandparents with ostensibly happy families of their own. Surely one sign that something is wrong with this picture is that the “heinous criminals” are otherwise law-abiding, decent human beings with successful careers and “normal” personal lives.

No. With scapegoating, such apparent normalcy is just one more sign of devious perversity.