Dear residents of Siera Madre, CA:

We want you to know that we take our own privacy and security very seriously, and have extended our reach outside Our Towne to catch bad guys who use bad wordz, and who have bad thoughts (probably about the Children!) Sure- we can’t catch all the bad guys, but we try.

However, Twitter and other companies are starting to push back against all the safety we provide by tossing the Constitution and especially the fourth amendment out the window as we police speech crimes and bad thoughts on thee nternet in various ‘bad ideas entrapment machines.

Won’t you join us in securing the future of The Children!? Write to Twitter and all those other tech companies and telll them that there are only two kinds of people: the good guys(you and us) and then, those animals!! who could hurt children ( the dirts, outsiders, foreigners, immigrants and so on)-tell them we are unhappy that they have ended our real time surveillance of bad people who Tweet.

We must keep the Bad Guys from having real time access to Our Children! Won’t you join us in this noble fight?


The Local Fusion Center, and the Heroic Bad Guy Watchers Klubs of America

Twitter Cuts Off Fusion Spy Centers’ Access to Social Media Surveillance Tool

As of this week, Twitter has made sure that federally funded fusion centers can no longer use a powerful social media monitoring tool to spy on users. After the ACLU of California discovered the domestic spy centers had access to this tool, provided by Dataminr (a company partly owned by Twitter), Dataminr was forced to comply with Twitter’s clear rule prohibiting use of data for surveillance.

Twitter sent a letter to the ACLU of California this week confirming that Dataminr has terminated access for all fusion center accounts. The letter also makes clear that Dataminr will no longer provide social media surveillance tools to any local, state, or federal government customer.

We already know that government use of social media surveillance has expanded rapidly and has been used to target people of color and activists. Now Muslim and Latino community members are facing significant threats, important political and social activism is on the rise in areas across the country, and President-elect Trump is poised to hold the keys to the vast and powerful federal surveillance system. It has become more important than ever to protect against an expanding web of surveillance.

This Twitter and Dataminr announcement applies to all seventy-seven fusion centers (six in California alone) that are currently operating in states across the country. These domestic spy centers—local-state-federal partnerships that aim to collect and analyze vast amounts of information to connect the dots about “threats”—have a history of sweeping in constitutionally protected political, religious, and artistic activity. These spy centers also gather information about innocent people deemed “suspicious” by law enforcement…

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