Sometimes, we must take our minds off of crimes against children, and focus on other things, because the strain of constant #goodguyism is tremendous. I find solace in embracing our rich history of absolute #goodguyism though power and technology t root out whatever it is that is rotten in Denmark. Or in Langley Virginia (CIA lies to Congress., CIA admits to spying on Congress)or Fort Meade, Maryland (and maybe Thailand, if we look harder).

There are a lot of stinkbugs around here. Try not to out-think them.

I cannot take any more stories today about children who are murdered, or otherwise hurt and abused by soulless people whose only concern is the rape of privacy, and the destruction of free speech, so that they can gain access to MORE children.

In that light- here are some things I found in nature around Sierra Madre, CA, as I widened my net for the #badguys, and also walked the hills ruminating on our proud history as saviors of the world.

Perhaps a little background is useful. When I landed here in Sierra Madre, CA, I already, kinda knew about the local culture from past experiences.
I had heard that Sierra Madre, CA has had some bad experiences with outsiders, and that some “Sataniss stuff happens up there”which, by all means necessitates a culture of us versus them-or, in the words of local blogger John Crawfish and his merry band of anonymous commenters- ‘Townies versus dirts.’
And of course, I was aware that Sataniss’s, trans-humanists, and others inhabit the nearby Jet Propulsion Labs-and a few ex-Nazi’s and so on used to work there.

So, when I landed here, I expected some interesting encounters with local culture, as each locality has it’s own local flavor and it’s own social programming.


Being an outsider, I was also aware that this isn’t my first rodeo ride with hyper-local cultures, or the means and methods with which they patrol the perimeters, and each locality has it’s own special machines with which they keep an eye on the new kids on the block.

This was an early CIA-NSA-Five Eyes collaboration to set up an all seeing Panoptical Wonder Machine that would keep an eye on “the badguys.” And the pedophiles, of course.
As technology advanced, our partnerships, collaborations, conspiracies of silence, and especially, our 72 Billion dollar badguy/pedophile catcher technology evolved to the point where we could watch them from outer space.
With an all seeing eye, we can float right up next to God and have conversations about “how can we guide the peeple!? How can we build a bigger, better bad guy catcher??” And of course God told us all what we all just secretly know somehow-somehow.

BUT THERE WAS SILL THE PROBLEM OF ALL THE UNWASHED HEATHENS, which we addressed by killing off large numbers of them, washing, and civilizing the rest, because clearly, the local population at that time needed better ways of washing:

And of course, I was also aware of the great and noble care that your ancestors had extended to other ancestors of this great region, and the surrounding territories. Your culture of insiders is now for the great care you extend to others, especially “the children” that you and your culture save from their ancestors.


BEFORE: Unwashed and sick




And keenly aware how some in our society take such great care of “the women and children, and the elderly,” we steward them into good habits and healthful living.


After we de-heathenize these people( and get some clothes on them for Christ’s sake) -all people we save are definitely dateable Betties, and ripe for consumer product consumption, health care premiums, and medications that regulate everything from self esteem issues to pregnancy to period pains and pleurosis. What would they do without our saving hand?


And of course, the noble, pioneer spirit that pervades this area provided opportunities for others to come around to our way of doing things.
It is certainly our noble, pioneer spirit that was able to stay strong for the sake of these children, who suffered the contagions of small pox and other maladies because they weren’t living right.
And of course, working together, as a community in an “ownership society” we were able to chase the devils out of heathens and sinners and heal them….
….and to open the eyes of those who cannot see, using our superior religions, values, medicines, and our superior culture of concern and care….
….we are able to unify those who suffer from the lack of the lord, and awaken the spirit of the heathen.
And, to bring Law and Order upon them. Being the #goodguys isn’t always easy, but it is the right thing to do and it makes us feel good about ourselves.
Using our doctrine of “Thirteen is Wonderful for Every One  Wonderful”  we are able to wrestle with Chaos, and create order everywhere we go. For about a hundred years at a stretch.

So, saving and feeding the children, and putting the parents to work is what we do every day, 24/7/365 all across the globe.

With this brief history in mind, I would like to share some nature photos with you now. Sharing beauty helps me stay sane in this cruel world, that is only made better by our great care and concern for the little ones, and keeps my mind off of the harsh realities of what #badguys do to kids (wheeew! I get smokin’ mad when I imagine, think about, or otherwise in my head ruminate upon what I imagine bad guys do to kids!).



I am probably more worried than anyone in Our Towne that the #badguys and pedophiles can hurt kids, because I was one of those hurt kids, once.
And while I appreciate the fact that the Straw Man is scary, and that boogeymen are to be greatly feared, if for no other reason than “just cuz'”I also think moral panic is over-rated as a tool of social control, and brings with it something far more sinister.
I also find that the world is what you make it. Or not-that if you leave it as it is, everything we can know or be is there already. Because once you know that YOU are a good, safe, and decent person*, the world becomes scary only around those who use straw men to prop up their causes, and their endless moral campaigns and religious wars where they hurt others first, and then blame them for the injury, or the reaction to their pre-emptive violence. * Do you know that YOU are a good decent person?
Do you see that beam of light? Some can’t see the forest for the trees that get in the way, but I always manage to see the light first, and go from there-and to  it. so, I think some good advice is to keep trees from falling into your eyes and focus on the light. I know I do. Do you?

Well, enough about the local history of Our Towne for now- I hope you can sleep better, knowing I am on the case.