The Privacy and First Amendment Beacon Shines On.

Imagine a world devoid of privacy. Then, listen to the silence on the wires as America devolves into a fascist, or communist, or totalitarian state. But not on my watch. See you in court!


If we save just one child….

As you know, most of those who hurt children never face their many, countless victims, and so I, Panoptical Orpheus have widened my search for those who abuse, demolish, destroy, or outright murder and otherwise hurt and abuse children, and today’s news carries the stench of horror.

I would like you to meet Awra Ali, a child of Iraq, whose father rescued her from the rubble of her life, and from the home where her mother was murdered by allied airstrikes:

As a father, and as an American, I am ashamed that I am not doing more to stop this abuse and save children from monsters and devils, but yet I am aware of the massive power that these devils have over my nation.

No father should EVER have to face his child in the rubble of what used to be a happy life, or feel the absolute soul crushing horror of losing a child to those who would hurt them through lies, deceptions, and outright invasive murders of their spirit and mind, if not their actual bodies- yet many fathers do this every day around the non-American world, and sometimes, fathers in America face down other monsters, as yet named or shamed, and those, well hidden behind official cover.

I ask you, . citizens of the world, and here in Our Towne “what does a father have to do to protect his daughter from evil, child swipers, baby bombers, and cultish abusers who work in official capacities as the #goodguys?

Have a look at this evil deed:

On March 17, Ala’a Ali left his wife and 4-year-old daughter at the home of relatives in the al Jadida neighborhood of Mosul, and went home to wash before the morning call to prayer. Two minutes after he arrived home, a deafening explosion ripped through the neighborhood, engulfing the narrow street in black smoke.

“I hid in the corner of the building, and smoke crept in through the windows,” 28-year-old Ali told The Intercept. “Then the smell hit me, and I could barely breathe.” As soon as he could, he bolted from his hiding place and ran to the scene of the explosion, and the house where he had left his family.

It had been hit by an airstrike from U.S.-led coalition forces bombing Islamic State fighters.
Awra Ali, 4, on her hospital bed after another air strike in Erbil, Iraq, targeting the civilian population. Remember kids: Saddam Hussein bombed the Twin Towers, and gave the Syrians chemical weapons.

Photo: Cengiz Yar for The Intercept

Corpses were everywhere in the ruins of the building; more than 200 people were reportedly killed. Ali’s wife was among them, but he wouldn’t know that until Iraqi civil defense forces found her body later that day. Ali heard the sound of a child groaning underneath the rubble. It was his daughter, Awra. Her body was charred black with severe burns, and shrapnel had pierced through the side of her head, cutting across her face, and sealing her eyes shut. Miraculously, she was breathing.

“I lifted her up, and started carrying her through the streets, but then an ISIS sniper started to shoot at the army,” Ali said. “I finally was able to leave her at the neighbors for a few minutes, and then take her to the field hospital once the fighting calmed down.”



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