Having discovered that our pedophile to citizen ratio is unbalanced, we here in Sierra Madre, CA, like many other Townes, put our faith in God, and the $71 Billion Dollar Magic Pedophile Catcher Machine (aka the BDMPC71) and it’s partners in ponerological analysis operations, like the DEA’s warrantless mass surveillance project, the ‘Hemisphere” program.
This amazing machine can read peoples thoughts and intentions, as well as to somehow, using sooper seekrit algorithms, and a nudge here and there  catch otherwise hard to catch and hard to convict pedophiles. And, Our Towne has long ago signed on to hidden methods of policing at the internet switch, and the windowsill,  cuz, it’s for the children.
And we know with certainty that those who are “outsiders” or “dirts” deserve immediate scrutiny even before they move here, and we assure you, the reader, that once they are here, the Chief knows it, because of these programs that discriminate predictively and pre-emptively, so our hands remain clean, and also, so that there is no paper trail-which is the beauty of the BDMPC71.
So, applying these scientific principles, and some predictive ponerological analysis on an evilness scale, we developed and utilize the methodology above, which works for us. In fact, we like our model better than other, outdated models of pedophile predictionology. Here, have a look at the old, cumbersome and seldom efficient way that other societies use to  predict pedophiles:

“Like pedophiles have a nose for vulnerable kids, we have a nose for pedophiles,” he said. “So … they can smell a child they’re going to be able to groom. Well, we can smell a pedophile.” http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/12/a_depraved_world_fbi_agents_wa.html


Like most things that start as a trickle, they always become a roaring deluge after our Good Guys get involved- for SOME REASON.

Some people think that adoptive households and foster care, as well as any and every kid that has ever come into contact with child ‘protective’ services where kids face a 70% chance of being sexually abused are a good place to look.

Others think that “insiders” and people with money and power are good suspects, as well as officials who have or seek authority over children. It is a little known fact that people who have power, and who are connected to communities through ‘official titles’ and organizations that purport to care for children are in fact, most likely to be pedophiles themselves, or to protect and cover up the actions of pedophiles, or to scapegoat victims and create the appearance of doing good, while actually covering over the actual evil.
Yet another good place to look is in churches, especially in conservative parochial environments like Catholic churches, as one in 50 priests is a pedophile, and in other orthodox synagogues and churches, both of which practice some interesting pedagogy. Maybe have a look there as well.
Then, there is always the Sierra Madre Towne Councille, which has been known to collaborate with child pornographers who operated freely there as videographers. And videographers are notably and inextricably linked to child pornography production, though for SOME REASON, the FBI, NCMEC, and ICAC never seem to bring down the actual producers of child pornography, but the “consumers” instead.

For SOME REASON, though the FBI has been known to make child pornography sites run faster and more efficiently as they distribute this child abuse material across the globe.
And of course, we could have a peek at any of the many Masonic and community orders that we are proud to host-as Free Masonry in all of its forms has been linked time and time again, to pedophiles, and cultists who hide behind badges of authority and social status.

Speaking of social status, few historically have the cultural distinction of being blameless such as mothers, even when they are the ones to blame.

So, there’s that.Maybe look into it some time. But if Panoptical Orpheus has anything to say about it, I am casting my pedophile fighter gladiators net far and wide to root out this great social evil.