Where are the pedophiles most likely to be found??? HERE!!!HERE!!!

As we are all well aware, the local blogger John Crawfish who writes the Sierra Madre Rattler, led the charge a few years back to raise awareness of the prevalence of pedophiles in Sierra Madre, CA. Hordes of pedophiles, roaming the hills and nearby canyons, no doubt drooling and slobbering at the thought of harming children. And Our Towne held a candle light vigil for naked pictures of kids, because it’s all we can do in the face of the overwhelming powers that are wielded by those who hurt and kill kids.

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Now-as Our Towne faces this dilemma, and seeks to root out the evil beams in the eyes of others, we assure you that there is no Freudian Projection involved in our focus on this scourge, because, after all, we all share the value of wanting to save the children from bad guys. But a word of caution- sometimes, with beams cast into others eyes from our own we miss other deviant behaviors, right around the corner from Our Towne.

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I, Panoptical Orpheus, have found that Our Towne is not as unique in America as we tend to think it is, and that other Towne’s are fighting hordes of pedophiles as well. And while these pedophiles, for the most part, don’t look like what you might expect of such demons, they do fit other profiles, and are thus able to access children for years on end, as the public cowers in fear of them- and with good reason: they are armed, and dangerous, and most often, in positions where they can hide their crimes for decades.
Here below is an excerpt from a well known blog that documents these pedophiles, and I invite you to take a look over there at this wonderful blog for more facts and figures about pedophiles.

Here are more facts about pedophiles-they are almost always to be found around those who have authority over children, and who share that authority with others:

“Police Sergeant Kenneth Estabrooks, who targeted vulnerable children for at least 25 years. Canadian investigators suspect him of sexually abusing at least 260 children over the course of nearly three decades. Estabrooks died of cancer in 2005, but not before he was convicted of four counts of indecent assault sometime after 1999, and sentenced to a mere 6 years in prison.
One of the victims, who alleges he was raped by Estabrooks at least 60 times over the course of three years, claims that Estabrooks had help from colleagues on the police force whenever he couldn’t find his victims. “If he couldn’t get a hold of us, then he had some policemen on the force look out for us…” said the victim. Did those policemen know why he wanted the victims brought to him? One victim was six years old. Estabrooks continued to sexually assault this child  for years, at least two or three times a week.”

Read more here:

” Male and female cops, judges, DAs, FBI agents, Secret Service  and TSA agents involved with minors under 18, juveniles under 14- predators who download OR produce child pornography… Who knew there were so very many of these twisted individuals working in positions of power- “pillars of the community” who are trusted by the victims and their parents? And yet, more people are concerned about the possibility of underage persons becoming ‘sex slaves’ than they are about the real victims who ARE being sexually exploited… why is that?
Over and over, ideologically biased journalists try to pull a fast one on the public with their stories about the child sex trafficking through adult ad venues like backpage.com and try to pressure these sites to ‘close down’ to prevent more children from being victims. If the solution to the problem of the ’50 victims from 22 states over three years’ is to shut down adult ads of which there are millions posted every day, then what is the solution to the more than 300 pedophile law enforcement/ government agents in 50 states over two years (2011-2012)? There were over 200 in 2012 alone, and so far this year (2013) we have listed over 125, and more are arrested every day!
Why is there no outrage over the lenient sentencing that the majority of these law enforcement pedophiles receive? When there is even  the slightest suggestion that a backpage.com buyer of prostitution services may have had sex with a minor, the public demands that the perpetrator spend the rest of his life behind bars for ‘sex trafficking’… even if the ‘victim’ was 17 years of age, but  when a cop like Jason Elder pleads guilty to 140 felonies involving a girl of 14 and receives a THREE YEAR sentence, no one seems to care.
And why is there no lynch mob gathering in Pike County Ohio after the recent sentencing of the Chief Deputy (now ‘former’) Clyde Franklin Sanders Jr. who was allowed to plead “no contest” to  a single count of ‘gross sexual imposition’ – where upon he received NO prison time and only 5 years of “community control” – for raping a three year old girl- TWICE…  A THREE YEAR OLD GIRL WHOM HE KNEW – Sanders “originally faces two counts of kidnapping, one count of rape and one count of gross sexual imposition, but they were amended to the single count he pleaded no contest to in April (2013)”  He raped the child in October 2008 and again in January 2009… and received NO PRISON TIME….”

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And what about the horrific child sex abuse scandal in the UK 1970s- 1980s– involving many politicians and other VIPS that goes on to this day? Why so little concern for those victims?

Meanwhile, have a look at this rogues gallery of sexual deviance in and around Sierra Madre, CA.- sexual and reproductive stuff we can all agree upon – sharp, pointy objects and delicate flower petals- nested on top of sweet fruits are soon in season! And,  it is easier to find needles around Sierra Madre, CA, than it is to find one of those FBI/ NSA “needles in a haystack” that we all agree are the real problem.



I just don’t know what to make of it all–here, in this land of abundance and beauty, the pedophiles have decided to overwhelm Our Towne.

Sometimes-and I know this will sound odd to you-but sometimes, I wonder if the fear of pedophile (and the terrorist, and the journalist, and the whistle blower, and maybe some day, your son or daughter ) helps keep our minds off of the endless wars of conquest that are killing hundreds of thousands of “other” kids, or perhaps to keep us from looking at how our democracy is broken?

And then I do nothing.

Well, that’s not necessarily true- sometimes I ruminate on how utterly helpless we, the people are against the power of corporations that wage endless wars overseas, cops who are shooting kids in the back here at home (well-not in Our Towne, yet), and how some treasure their own rights while crapping on the Constitution for others-and rail against the Constitutional rights of privacy, and every good thing that came after that when it comes to “us versus them.”

Which makes me feel useless, and so then, I ruminate about rounding up all those pedophiles by hook and by crook, and putting them where they belong!!


And then, I go back to nature, or take an evening walk down main street with my flashlight and some pepper spray in my clenched fist, because these problems are too big for me to solve alone. After all-what am I anyways?

Being one lone voice is like walking up a mountain just before the rain.
Or being the one ray of light that breaks through the clouds to shine light on a mountain.
And using my one lone voice, I have discovered that those who fear that which is fictional are those who are in themselves very real, and very likely to be the exact thing scary thing that they fear the most, or maybe something even worse.
Using new eyes, I am able to see the land in a different light.
And I can also see that light and shadows can be manipulated by some to create illusory correlations.
But if there is any good news to be had around here, I imagine it is that there are no mean streets, or scary back alleys, because we have invested our time and tax dollars in building the bigger, better pedophile trap to catch bad guys. And, with our local police and the help of the Temple Station, and some other police departments nestled here against the mountains, we feel safe, here, together.