Three Under-aged Teen Girls “Saved” in prostitution bust in San Gabriel, at Las Tunas and Rosemead Blvd.

Some in Sierra Madre will notice that wherever Panoptical Orpheus appears, like a lightening rod, underage prostitution rings are broken up, and, new cases spring up from whole cloth, that sometimes (but not always) are related to other cases; and sometimes, police  even start to police themselves (as it should be).  It’s almost as if my shadow casts a devillish spell on people who look into my Windows, and then, forces them out of their hidey holes to face the light of day.

And occasionally, underage child prostitution is “picked up on the radar,” but I suspect that is the result of the very very few “good cops” doing their jobs after they give those other cops the heads up that their extra-curricular activity is on police radar.

But seldom if ever is child prostitution, or pornography “picked up” by the 24/7 NSA wiretap of US citizens-and that device called the of the magic 71 billion dollar pedophile catcher machine, seems o be good at other things, whichh you can speculate upon yourself.

While these slimebag’s and  pedophiles were not caught in Sierra Madre, they were caught in a most curious place: mere blocks away from the Temple Street Sheriffs station. Much later in this story, you will notice that this pattern and the busts that started just after Panoptical Orpheus moved in to Sierra Madre are related. Maybe because everywhere I go, I have extra watchers at my back, or maybe just because I know the exact ways in which the system is fatally broken and irreparable.

Here, have a look at one of the ways that the system is fatally flawed and broken:

Police bust alleged child trafficking ring at San Gabriel motel; 3 girls rescued, 3 suspects jailed

SAN GABRIEL >> A multi-agency task force checking up on felons who are on probation under the terms of AB 109 dismantled a child prostitution ring operating out of a San Gabriel motel on Thursday, officials said.

Three girls between the ages of 14 and 17 were rescued and three suspects were jailed following the bust, which took place about 1 p.m. at the New Century Inn, 1114 E. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel police Lt. Fabian Valdez said….follow this link to read more!

Then, have a look at this interesting arrangement below, that seems to repeat itself across the country in case after case after case where cases of ACTUAL pedophiles are caught abusing ACTUAL children:

Child Prostitution Ring run by parolees
As you can see above, the LA Sheriff’s Department Temple Station, a middle school, and a motel where flunky parolees are housed are all within blocks of each other, in a straight line- and none of this was detected by any of he invasive NSA and other expensive programs that are monitoring US citizens, 24/7. IN order to understand the inter-connected networks of criminals, one must understand the equation above- that it is often a linear, and inter-related enterprise. I wrote about this sort of thing last spring and the spring before.