America, and even Our Towne is not doing enough to keep the Military Industrial Congressional Complex afloat. In 2016, we only spent $231,183,679,670 billion dollars on 2,408 contracts.

an ever before about threats and more threats, everywhere. so I thought I would do some math and ask hard questions to alay all of our fears.

How Many Police Are There in the United States? Clearly not enough to protect my Towne from hordes of pedophiles and other badguys, like journalists, and terroriss, and of course, Sataniss’s.

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Is there a war on cops?!

Certainly here in Sierra Madre, we can see the effects of the do-gooder’s ratting out a good Pasadena police officer who was just practicing his second amendment rights, and also, protecting children. But it is clear that the 71 billion dollar pedophile catching machine might have had a hand in it, and instead of catching pedophiles as it is designed to do, it caught one of the good guys instead.

With this war on cops, Panoptical Orpheus got to thinkin’ that maybe we need even MORE cops to keep an eye on the bad guys, because as it stands, there are only 2.95 cops, intelligence agents, cops, and other sworn officers to each pedophile-and those guys need a LOT of watching. The pedophiles, I mean.

How Many Police Are There in the United States??

Pedophiles in Sierra Madre CA get extra scrutiny, but we need more help to fight them, because the devil-and Sataniss’s are at our door!

How Many Police Are There in the United States??!

No matter how hard Alex Jones of Info Wars tries to back off his Pizzagate claims, he cannot convince the good people of Our Towne that Pizzagate was a lie! And even if it was, we believe that “if we save just one [white American child, or ethnic/mixed child that can be cleaved away from it’s parents and re-named] from the clutches of a pedophile, the ends justify the means!
And this is why we are calling upon our neighbors in the city of Pasadena, CA the city of Arcadia, CA (also known as Mistress City because Chinese billionaires own the city council there, and also because 18 year old Chinese college students drive porsches and Lambo’s) and especially calling upon the SWAT team of LAPD to save us from pedophiles-but they are clearly overwhelmed by the hordes of slimy creatures that have over run Our Towne.
So we are now appealing wider- to all the decent, law abiding LEO’s across America! How many cops are there in America anyways? Lets do some math:

There are ONLY 2.98* cops and associated intelligence agents to monitor each sex offender in America (according to 2012 data. This is *2223500 LEO’s and intel agents divided by 324,771,782 citizens=one officer or agent per pedophile. This does not not include others in the community policing rubrik who are as we are cowering daily in fear of terrorists, journalists, pedophiles and whistle blowers.

(These numbers also indicate that there is one LEO or affiliate per 146 citizens using the same math as above 2223500 cops by 747,408 sex offenders=2.98 cops and other agents not counting psychologists, social workers, homeless shelter ‘volunteers’ and others in the CVE program, per sex offender.)

Other community heroes in the Ownership Society that pays for our police and fire and other #goodguys, range from bank tellers to coffee shop baristas, retail cashiers, or postal clerks, or even the occasional #badguy who gets caught doing something good like ratting out a screaming old lady one night-these all amount to extra-judicial, and extra-legal informants or other varieties of ‘snitch culture” and this ratio is 146.1 citizens
*US population as of 3/29/2017 at 0041 hours a.m.324,771,782 means that LEO’s and intel agents, and their co-collusionists are outnumbered 2.98 to 1 LEO’s and intel agents and others.
Put another way- there are 147 average citizens that can be monitored per single agent or LEO, with the help of  America’s standing army of mall cops, and the other 17 spy agencies including the  NSA.

This does not include Fusion Center personel, who operate in unclear scenarios, in hidden bunkers-no one knows for certain what they do, or how many of them their are, watching each and every internet click, and doubly or triply watching the internet clicks of selected or targeted American persons (or redirecting their browser searches, implanting malware, snatching emails when targets hit ‘send’ and so on).

Here are the numbers I used:
900,000 sworn LEO’s

-“There are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States, which is the highest figure ever. About 12 percent of those are female”
over 21,000 Borders agents (see below)
100,000 intel agents (see below)
100,000 NSA agents (see below)
1,102,500 security guards

There are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States, which is the highest figure ever. About 12 percent of those are female
How many Border Patrol agents in the US?

How many sex offenders [stats from 2012] in the US?

Controversy over the 100k number: in 2006 Interview of Ambassador John D. Negroponte stated that the “intelligence community” had 100k members
Director of National Intelligence
With Mr. Chris Matthews of MSNBC :

How many FBI agents are there in the US?

“The FBI has a total of 35,344 employees. This total includes 13,598 special agents and 21,746 support professionals. These support professionals include language analysts, intelligence specialists, and information technologists.”

How many NSA agents? There is controversy that this number is spread across 17 agencies: “This is not science fiction. It is happening now,” a source with knowledge of the NSA said.

“With every passing administration, the NSA has ballooned. One well-informed estimate of its staffing levels is 100,000, of whom about 30,000 are military and the rest private contractors.”

Domestic snooping exploded in scale after 9/11, when George W Bush authorised the agency to eavesdrop on Americans without the previous requirement for warrants. Within a few months of taking office in 2009, the Obama administration’s Justice Department conceded that the agency had been guilty of “over-collection” of domestic communications but claimed the excess had been accidental.
While the NSA is by far the biggest surveillance agency in the world, it shares some of its work with four other allies in the Five Eyes Alliance internet wiretapping and spying network of the U.S.,  Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Of the five, the biggest after the NSA is Britain’s General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).
As noted, there is an absolute outbreak of pedophiles in the mostly Catholic towne of Sierra Madre, CA, and a lone pedophile fighter has stepped forward to enlist aid, and encourage discussion and involvement about our pedophile problem, which is really the world’s problem, if we have our say in it. Most prblems that we have, seem somehow to become the worlds problems shortly thereafter.

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