Well, Panoptical Orpheus has returned to Sierra Madre, CA, from a sojourn in the hills of the Sierra Madre Range, just behind Our Towne, and what I have to report may shock some people, while others-such as first responder’s and pedophile hunters-will take appropriate actions.

While the Sierra’s can be a peaceful respite for some who find our Mater Dolorosa retreat to be a welcome relief from the real world- (Sierra Madre hosts a well known Catholic retreat for retired priests and those who have found…hardship in the church) they can also be the site of Satanic Ritual’s that even the devil cannot best- those that the Pasadena Weekly called a “noxious nuisance”.

Whether you call it Santa Ria, or Saint Rita’s, I call it all superstition, because SOMEONE has to remain rational, and clear headed when the Devil is near-but you are welcome to call it whatever you want.

I can personally testify-much like my neighbor Doug, who claimed he personally encountered “over five hundred satanists in his career, wearing black robes, but they took one look at me, and knew I wasn’t one of them” and also who heads up the neighborhood wiretapping committee, apparently- I can testify that slimy, disease ridden creatures form the depths of hell often slink around here at night, and prey upon the fresh, young and tender spring shoots and leaves that comprise the heart of Our Towne’s lush appeal.

Here below is one such creature, that I was able to find just after one of the recent rains. That’s Chantry Flats, with the Santa Anita Dam in the background, and the sprawling development below it that houses many of our towns most concerned citizens. Have a look at a real slimebag!





After applying some empirically based ponerology and evilness analyses, I have come to the conclusion that this is NOT the devil, but rather, one of his minions. Here is my evidence:1 ) he has horns, 2) he is a slime bag 3) he likes crawling around all night, 4) he is not the devil himself, but a minion, because the devil is big, and he is very small. But their  ARE hordes of them, so they are, combined, likely pieces of a bigger entity of sliminess, like the devil.

With that guy^ in mind, my flesh crawls, but there is worse- MUCH worse in the world devoid of our efforts at building the bigger, better 70 billion dollar per year pedophile trap.

I ask that you get the kids out of the room now, and have a look at the worst of it- I have found that in confirmation of our worst fears-their are indeed un-natural sex acts going on in and around Our Towne. Specifically, butt sex, in some places. Here, have a look at the evidence, and try not to gasp, or lose your composure as you look here, at those amongst us who engage in deviant sex:

Note that they have no SHAME, as they cavort in public, and have sexual relations butt to butt. Far worse-they are unashamed to be seen by others as they do “it.” DISGUUUUUUSTING.
While I am not certain, it appears that these types refer larger dominant females, ad despite God having designed these creatures to do what it is they do, the females appear to have a distinct advantage over the males of the species-but I have no confirmed this at this time.
While I, Panoptical Orpheus find many tings in nature disgusting, I do not judge them on their face. For example: are these engaged in group sex, or are they merely conveniently enmeshed due to locality, or safety in numbers-is this group activity a sign of perversion or merely a convenient place to get it on? And what about that outlier in the upper right hand portion of the leaf- is he an Onanist? A voyeur? A deviant or a loner- or WORSE and “individualist??”? Only more study can reveal this perversion for what it is, but I did not have the time t follow that loner around for a decade to prove any of this.

Meanwhile, despite the best efforts of entrapping, ensnaring, foiling or fabling on about terrorists and terror plots, NSA Spying Did Not Result In a SINGLE Foiled Terrorist Plot-ever, and even Alex Jones(!!!) apologized for Pizzagate, and now, some suspect that in fact, the NSA and it’s cohort of 16 other intelligence agencies used Pizzagate as a distraction away from it being revealed that billionaires and intelligence agencies are colluding to use the internet-and your child’s brain- to create minds “laced” with computer technology.

Here-have a look for yourself (if you can get your mind off of the crazy, heathen butt sex above.)

Is human intelligence heading toward a cyborg-dominated future? Elon Musk thinks so.

In a recent tweet, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO teased that a brain-computer system that links human brains to a computer interface — a “neural lace” — may be announced early this year, reported TechCrunch.

In a final note, and based upon the evidence I present to you above, I would like you, and those who are still left in the room to contemplate this: does the bee seek the honey, or does the honey seek the bee? And if the former, then why do flowers grow thus:


Or thus:



Or-is there something more?! Is it possible that God was joking when he named this creature a “peaIMG_6573cock??!

And of course the answer is that God, like feminists, feminist jurisprudence, full court NSA wiretaps,and the modern fascism, and, perhaps a few locals, is that none of them have a sense of humor, even when the peacock is the butt of the joke.


Only the peahen gets the joke.

But nature is full of deviations that cannot be explained using the Empire-ical data of binary analyses, false dichotomies, or religion. Because, this-just, this:

Why, exactly, does the apparatus of the un-Constitutional apparatus of the NSA full spectrum wiretap look like a map of the basic female reproduction system? Notice that the ‘sweet spot’ is-coincidentally- a government database that anyone with enough money and power can tap into.

Well, I will report back soon. In the mean time, Panoptical Orpheus recommends that you connect the dots, and find your own honey, until next time.