“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root.”
– Henry David Thoreau in Walden

Using ponerological forecasts, with the help of the lord, and divination via the local Fusion Center which is loaded with privacy invading ‘save the children’ softwares, and datasets that predict who it is we should follow around, and wiretap without warrants-, I found a pedophile!! But not here in Sierra Madre, CA, which has far fewer pedophiles than the average town-for some reason….

Here, I caught another one-and this scumbag baby raper works where most pedophiles work: in a position of authority and trust, with easy access to children, and the power to cover up his crimes.
He’s a cop, who has been jailed indefinitely, until he gives up his fifth amendment rights:

From Gizmodo.com:

For failure to cooperate with the investigation, Rawls has been locked up. He spends 22 and a half hours a day in his cell. If he gets a visitor, there must always be a barrier between them. He gets just one fifteen minute phone call a month. According to a person familiar with the case, Rawls is being held in solitary confinement due to his status as a former Police sergeant and fears for his safety.

Rawls is suspected of possessing child pornography but, in an appeal filed in federal court yesterday, his defense outlines why he should be released. Referred to as John Doe in the court documents, Rawls has a clean record and doesn’t know the passwords prosecutors are looking for, the defense argues. He also doesn’t have to unlock his computer because of his fifth amendment right not to incriminate himself.

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And maybe I exaggerate a bit when I call this guy a pedophile-after all, there is NO evidence he hurt, or sexually abused any kids (and in fact, many if not all of these uys were themselves victims of child rapists, or mothers who used them as emotional or sexual surrogates)-but in Our Town, we believe that if we save just ONE CHILD the means justify the ends, and conflating child pornography addicts with pedophiles is just fine by us. And, our town’s resident cameraman, my neighbor Doug in the alley, told us that pedophiles eat pizza when they can’t get their hands on kids, so there’s that.
And, it is perfectly alright by us that those who actually have abused kids and taken pictures of this abuse get away scott free, and we convict others for their crimes in absentia because we can get a lot pedophiles with government agency distribution of child pornography that we can by actually prosecuting pedophiles that actually abuse kids.; or that we convict multiple people across the globe for crimes they did not commit, but merely witnessed-you see, child pornography is the schedule one narcotic of our era, much like marijuana in the 1960’s.
These guys are scum. And they are the reason why here in our town, we are willing to sacrifice your privacy, to keep our own. This way, we have security, while others sacrifice privacy and liberty-which works out for us. And, there’s a lot of money to be made in raping privacy, and then, putting the privacy rape victims away in privatized prisons-it’s a win/win for the economy, and those who know how to use wealth to build wealth-it’s a survival strategy.

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The Senate voted 50/48 on 03-17-2017 to eradicate your data privacy-will the Congress follow?
And, it keeps the spotlight off of those among in our town who haven’t been caught yet-but we are looking in their windows and their Windows 10 just to be sure we got the right guys. And to get our hacker-warez back, and see if any of those bad guys know what we are up to when we violate their due process rights-we don’t want anyone who can fight back when we frame them.

While some may be shocked to learn that most if not all pedophiles are authority figures with titles and badges, and who are members of fraternal societies and sororal orders, the simple fact is that most pedophiles are EXACTLY these figures (…), and that because they are insiders, they benefit from the false narrative tat pedophiles are everywhere, and that they are the “good guys” fighting pedophiles-it’s perfect cover.
SO, we pre-emptively demonize or otherwise ritually abuse outsiders by default. And like the U.K., we believe that it is alright to stalk, harass, or otherwise violate the civil rights of outsiders, so that we can control the narrative, and protect the childrenlike the U.K., we believe that it is alright to stalk, harass, or otherwise violate the civil rights of outsiders, so that we can control the narrative, and protect the children-because might makes us  right. We cannot afford opposition in these times when pedophiles are EVERYWHERE.

This way, the pedophiles have a steady stream of children to victimize, and then silence.
These seek access to children by destroying families with corrupt narratives and defamation of all kinds, and by causing the appearance of impropriety in others, whether real or imagined. In our two tiered society, this is the best way we can ensure that insiders are seen as good guys, and outsiders are forever under suspicion.
Why do good people do bad things? Possibly, it’s the work of the devil, or some other scary thing. And possibly, because they can get away with it.


I think now would be a good time to ask ourselves the question: what is ponerology? And the answer is that it is the study of evil.
The Science of Evil
“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root.”
– Henry David Thoreau in Walden
Militant aggression, conquest and colonialism. Oppression. Genocide. Ecological destruction. Economic depredation. Domestic conflict. Child abuse. Bullying. Waste. Neglect.

These and other related pernicious phenomena have perpetually persisted for millennia, assuming various forms in each generation to thwart anew the dream for a sustainably healthy world. A diverse range of people, motivated by a combination of principled conscience, self-interest and concern for those that they care about, have taken an interest in, investigated or worked to help resolve these issues. This range includes experts in a variety of fields who have carried out, to the best of their abilities, scientific studies focused on understanding and discovering solutions to each of these challenges. Yet, despite the investment of all of this energy by so many, humanity has been unable to reduce their impact significantly enough to achieve the type of lasting peace, harmony and justice that we assume all of us desire.

Why is this?