Here in Sierra Madre, CA, we believe that if we save even ONE CHILD, the ends justify the means. So, in that light, we are planning a candle light vigil, for the children who could have been killed by the local gun running operation.

And, we are withholding any judgement about this gun running operation in Sierra Madre, CA, because good citizens do not trial cases in the press, nor do they pre-judge a case before it comes to trial, which would be un-American (unless it’s pedophiles, or ‘near-pedophiles, or almost-mighta-couda-woulda-been pedophiles, or related to pedophiles, or just talking about pedophiles types) in which case it’s totally ok). And besides, many good people run guns.

While uncounted hundreds of thousands of children are bombed, maimed, slaughtered, butchered, starved or otherwise planted in the dirt in one way or another by corrupt policies and endless war, we would like to divert your attention to our good works. In the past, my neighbor Doug, the cameraman at the city council meetings, has brought the people together to pray for the victims of child pornographers (though Doug himself has mysteriously disappeared!)

Maybe it’s because last I checked, he was months behind on paying rent at his “Magick Shoppe,” but also, selling his house, which is currently being remodelled. Who knows-maybe he came into some sudden cash, or opportunity-because Magick can make money appear out of thin hair, quicker than shaking down Chinese EB-5 visa holders.

Candle light vigil in Sierra Madre, CA.
Here, my town held a candle light vigil in front of a pedophiles house, as I have noted elsewhere that Our Towne has suffered an invasion of pedophiles.
Well-actually there is no evidence that the guy is or ever was a pedophile, but he did get caught with a shitload of child pornography at the Canadian border, as he traveled with a young male companion. And, he did four months in a Canadian prison for it, and then came back here, where he had a sit down with our police Chief. He’d better not pull that thing again. The pornography thing, I mean.
Interestingly-like many if not most of these creeps who get caught with this stuff, he worked in the Armed Services Broadcasting wing of the U.S. military, and tere are extensive links between the military distributing child pornography as a tool of blackmail and honeypot entrapment of politicians, activists and others who have a strategic value.  And, most importantly, he was a member in good standing on our city council, and a videographer as well, with constant contact with children and families, though none reported that he molested them.

But the fact remains that he COULD have- and what’s a few extra precautions when it comes to saving the children from those who hurt children?(ME child body countfrom Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the Iraq body count from There’s nothing but lost productivity and grief when children are harmed, which is bad fr the US economy. Here, I mean. Overseas it is a booming business.

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FBI ‘private security partner’ to return home after distributing child pornography?

Are NSA analists wanking it along with your teenage son or daughter? They watch-and distribute-tons of pornThey watch-and distribute-tons of porn.

Porn and Virgins for the “terrorists!”Porn and Virgins for the “terrorists!” Everyone else gets Domestic Violence Industry Programming, fake news and fake history, and Saturday nite football.
Candle light vigils are important in mourning ceremonies, and when someone dies, or when many people die, but in Our Town, we hold candle light vigils for video’s and imagery of primarily white, naked children that is distributed widely across the globe by our own government, and the governments of the Five Eyes nations, and of course, our little buddy Israel, because at heart, Catholics, dominionists and zionists all believe in Jewish supremacy of narrative, even if that means distributing some child pornography here and there via our media, internet and broadcasting systems.

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While to outsiders, it may seem like an odd paradox, this distribution of child pornography by deep state players inside and outside the United States, and by other agents and other agencies, we feel it is necessary to capture pedophiles-because how else could we do it, if we didn’t first create a needle in a haystack, and then, disseminate porn to that needle?
While it may seem like a miracle provided by the savior, it is actually a lot more simple than a miracle that we have this 72 billion dollar pedophile catcher machine that is wired directly to pedophiles everywhere, monitoring their every move, and their every thought, because we also have special lists with special monitoring of these people.
While it may seem like majoritarian philosophy instituting itself within the secular state, or as we express ourselves here in our town (thanks to the Constitution), we also believe that our own right posture in these matters can rub off on the world if we lead by example.
So, as is the case in many primarily Catholic communities and small owns, we are very concerned about women and children, and so we have these vigils for rape victims and child porn. It’s an important way to get our message out there, especially to all of the Sataniss’s and atheists that Catholic ideology, backed and banked by Jewish theocracy is going nowhere.
Obviously, we don’t hold candle light vigils for those we bomb overseas because they are heathens and radical Islamist’s who are trying to destroy Christ. So a candle light vigil for war victims? No way- we would sic the law on you and put more notes in your dossier’s, and maybe put you on a special hidden list for decades, until you repent of your peace movement ways.
Men falsely incarcerated? No way- fuhgeddaboutit!-most of these guys probably did something to deserve it, and we need to punish them before the devil gets his hooves on them. And besides- look at all the little bastards those men leave behind who are unwashed in the blood of Christ? How dare they breed without sanction?! This is why we buit for-profit prisons in the first place.
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Well anyways, it’s getting late, and I need to sleep and think about all the good I have done in the world today, shining a light on evil.