I have been dilligently looking for pedophiles in Our Town, Sierra Madre, CA, but have come up with nearly zero new cases of pedophiles, aside from the known cases that we have documented here, which, as we know based upon statistical evidence and especially based upon evidence that Catholic culture and it’s Jewish parents generally have higher numbers, Our Towns pedophile numbers seem remarkably low.
I have asked the Great Pedophile Catcher Machine in Maryland and in Virginia for answers, but still await the outcome-because no one can get a straight answer out of our taxpayer funded, all knowing, all seeing eye that is in effect our 70 Billion Dollars  per year pedophile catcher machine which controls all of us in ways that God itself could never imagine, yet it gives back only desert beetles of an answer as pertains to our deepest questions, like ” what do pedophiles look like?” And how can we catch ’em?
Well, the lord dot worketh in mysteriouseth ways. And I do too, as Our Towns resident pedophile catcher. Though I have had no success beyond monitoring how the wires that run above all of our houses, and that run up and down our streets are possibly the vector whereby the pedophiles get in, I am not certain on that point, due to lack of “standing” in legalese-and who cares about the law when our goal is to CATCH PEDOPHILES!!? We throw the law to the wind when it comes time to band together and get those guys. Despite any success thus far, my eyes are wired open all night long, looking, and so far, most of them seem to work in the intelligence community, government, and the NSA and its cohort agencies. But I keep looking….
The lack of success findinf pedo’s here won’t stop me from doing my duty and great service to Our Town, or our nation, as we all know that pedophiles are everywhere-that America has been invaded from within, and from those without, by hordes of pedophiles, who seek access to children through their Barbie cameras, their computer web camera’s,  kids tablets, and Harry Potter witches brooms; and these creeps ruin lives.
So, I had to widen my search, and go to the furthest reaches of Our Town to investigate if, perhaps, the pedophiles had secretly formed hidden fortresses, or otherwise subverted justice by hiding out on the perimeters of Our Town.
Here- have a look at the evidence I have found that indeed, their might be a pedophile army waiting to entrap all of our children from hidden and secret places:

This is a lizard. Lizards hide under rocks, unless there is sunlight, which is the BEST disinfectant. SO: a) there are lizards in Sierra Madre b) lizards hide under rocks c) there are probably other hidden things in Sierra Madre, CA that need sunlight.

I went here, up a mountain, just to the west of Chantry Flats, looking for pedophile encampments-and while I found no pedophiles, I did find a few other things. Have a look for yourself, and see if you can spot the pedophiles, because I plainly didn’t, that day.
But as I foraged on the plentiful native plant species that grow in abundance on the foothills and up the mountainsides, plants like marshmallow and rush,  wild radish, wild mustard and young, tender dandelion leaves and so on,  I bumped into a fellow nature lover, and she- a former firefighter- told me about how sometimes, fire trucks and their fireperson’s use their sirens as tools of social control to intimidate or otherwise keep an eye on pedophiles, which is neither here(…) nor there (…), but something I will write about later.
While I did not find any pedophiles,  pedophile armies, plotting pedophile militants or baby eaters-or even devil worshipper’s-, I did find some coyote sign, butterflies, and lots of peace, quiet, and whispering winds underneath a giant conifer, just west of Chantry Flats, and up a mountain overlooking  Sierra Madre, CA: