While most if not all righteous and decent American’s are cowering in their beds, fearing that the terroriss’s, my town is currently recoiling from a wave of pedophiles-in Sierra Madre, California, and some even speculate that it is a plot by SATANISS’s to take over the town council!

In my town, where we proudly host a monastery, and over 1200 Catholic families, we simply don’t understand how some can criticize a fifteen year old war against an ambiguous and ever morphing enemy that has no end in sight, and our favorite senator works hard scraping away the Constitutional guarantees of privacy that protects pedophiles.Which is why we monitor what and who comes in and out of our town, and on our internet.

Who needs privacy anyways? PEDOPHILES! That’s who!

Take a stand against pedophiles! Candle light vigils for pictures of naked kids( and those pictures, distributed by US military liasons and other black ops)!Of all the vile and reprehensible things in the world, certainly, naked kids are amongst them.

We must take a stand in favor of censorship of some things in order to save the children. And so, censorship of pictures of dead kids killed by American made bombs, and censorship of pictures of caskets, or deformed babies in Iraq due to depleted uranium, and total news blackouts of dead children sprinkled all over the ME are how we do our part to keep America strong.

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So, for the sake of the children ( for whom we do what we do) I thought I would introduce you to an actual pedophile, who rightfully deserves to be imprisoned, and maybe, worse, just to prove that those who call us fascists are wrong, and that actual pedophiles DO exist:

Philippines Sex Tourism Defendant Enjoyed Special Access To Kids

 Ornelas on his last day of freedom
Former teacher, Bob Ornelas on his last day of freedom. Does he look like RODNEY ALCALA???!!! THE DUPLICITOUS DEVIL has duplicated himself !!!! Note to the reader: actual pedophiles seek access to children through ‘official’ titles and positions of trust and authority. And they are far more prevalent in Catholic and Jewish communities than they are in other communities, but also, under-reported.

News of a criminal sex tourism case in Orange County spread quickly around the nation earlier this month. Rejecting Robert Ruben Ornelas’ argument that political hysteria has made pedophilia and child pornography possession worse than murder, U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney issued a sentence of 2,280 months, or 190 years, in prison. Federal prosecutors, who called the crimes committed against Filipino children “heinous,” successfully sought the maximum possible punishment for the 66-year-old Ornelas.

But mainstream media reports missed a key component of the story. Ornelas’ multi-year crime spree in the Philippines wasn’t a solo act. According to law enforcement investigation records, the retired Santa Ana Unified School District teacher and community softball team coach won assistance from a surprising source: a woman identified as “Josephine P,” who “facilitated” illicit access to her own two daughters, her younger sister, two nieces and three neighbors’ kids.

For example, internet chat logs recovered from Ornelas’ home computer show him asking Josephine, a resident of an island in the central Philippines, to take nude photographs of her elementary school-aged daughter.

“Oh, yes, I can,” she replied during a 2007 Yahoo webcam conversation.

“Make a history as she begins to grow and develops,” Ornelas ordered.

The then-25-year-old Josephine said, “Yes, I will. She is really very beautiful, Robert.”

Before discussing oral sex he’d performed on the girl during a visit, he added, “I now [sic] her butt is perfect now and getting better too.”

Follow this link to read more excellent reporting of this story by R. Scott Moxley (an actual journalist.)

The woman answered, “And have a sexy body.”

In another chat, Ornelas asked Josephine to send him “full nude” and “topless” images of her nine-year-old niece and a 10-year-old neighbor’s child.

Other chats show the woman pressing for the wire transfer of money and the Orange County man, who’d pretended to be a wealthy attorney, negotiating payments based on receiving new photographs of the girls and the willingness of making them “our sex slaves.”

“Robert, I hope that you can send some money so [that I can pay family expenses],” she wrote.

Ornelas recoiled.

“You already know my answer,” he replied. “You promised me pics and no pics, so no money.”

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See, I told you there are pedophiles in the world. One or two, somewhere. And they are waaaaaay more scary than, well, lots of other things.