Thank you, for not killing me, and for showin me that not all cops are basically repressed, official source murderers, waiting for an excuse It i likely that the cops in this town have read the law, and , adore, or respect it. Maybe, they understand that I am engaged and under attack by the deep state, and not them. I actually adore an respect local law enforcers who know the difference.

Most people don’t stay up at night because they are terrified that strangers will kick in their door, and kidnap, rape, molest, and compromise their children; or otherwise, acting under color of law, create circumstances whereby corrupt law enforcement agents get away with murder, or child theft.

But I do.

And I have over thirty years of evidence that such thing happen-that one bogus criminal case turns into another, and another and another, as political agents and agencies try again, and again, and again, to frame you, set you up or otherwise compromise you to the point of collaboration- and run you name through the mud until finally, you are completely incapacitated by rumor and innuendo alone.

The old saw says ” first, they take your name; then, they take your voice; and then, they take your life,” serves as an indicator of that version of “bad policing models.”

In my case- it seems I have perhaps brought enough attention to my situation that I am either 1) targeted at a new level 2) protected in ways I have not yet imagined.

There are many other options, but I will stick with the false dichotomy for a minute, because my culture sees only in black and white while international billionaires exploit our vulnerabilities en masse’ vi the blackmail operations of the NSA-to-Israel whole capture internet.

Well, tonight,January the 25th, 2017, at 1:53 p.m, the local Squad SUV drove by my dwelling, which it has been in the habit of for quite awhile, on and off, depending upon how my internet works (yup, that sounds odd, right?). But I have collected or otherwise noted evidence that the squad SUV drives by my dwelling in observable, scientifically and evidentiarily admissible synchronicity patterns, directly related to whether I am “leaking news” or subverting the local Fusion Center’s personnel, and the ADL sponsored “private junkets” into my life that has lasted just over 13 years now.

And surely, at some point in time my ability to know right from wrong; or real from imaginary will come into play- as I document this one incident, as a example of many incidents that I have otherwise documented, and taken ‘mental notes’ of for years, and much of that, documented in other blogs. This issue of “organized stalking” is very real, and it carries real harm, often death, as the police, working with their associates, and under the “umbrella of the ADL sponsored community policing,” gets whack jobs incited to the point of murdering the enemies of totalitarianism.

Here is an example of that, as we see police interaction with non-police actors causing the deaths of five persons:

Either way, I actually believe that there are cops out there who believe as I do in due process of law, arrest, arraignment, and jury trial based on legally collected evidence, and the right of the people to be free from unreasonable searches of their homes, papers, and effects. And, too, there might  be a few cops who realize- as I have for over 30 years- that other means and methods of creating both suspects, evidence exist outside the view of the law, and that, by design.

But because the internet has opened an entirely new arena of “full human exploitation” and the hidden usurpation of privacy as well a the rest of he Constitutions guarantees; and because hidden programs and personnel, as well as long term illegal methods and means of surveillance exist to exploit the law- we live in a type of limbo ( those of us most gifted to perceive it in the first place) whereby hidden agents “infer” motives” and modus operandi to the “enemies of the state” and then, acting under cover of the internet backbone, an under color of law and authority, have subverted each.

Regardless- thank you officer unknown, for cruising by my abode at exactly 1:53 a.m. on this day. And, I know already, that you will be there again at near, or around every hour on the hour until your shift end this day, as that has been your pattern since the city “re-hired” you- but also, handed you the data that the T station of LA and PD gave you after their abortive assassination/defamation attempt from the guys in Apartment G.

Well, anyways- just documenting a fact here in my town, with my back up against a mountain, which, most interestingly is COVERED with antennas.

I have NO illusions about ho co-opted and blackmailed our nation has become; but I am ao aware that we need citizens to stand up in court rooms to prove it.