I survived being a tee suicide victim, but it wasn’t because the Jewish-Catholic community had anything to do with it. I survived killing myself as a teen because I saw the light- and it was the sun, sprinkling itself about the earth, reminding me that nature is brutal, but then too, soft and golden, and that wisdom can be found in feeling the wind on my face, and in my hair- and that in the absence of organized religion and it’s herd gelding, and selective breeding- that true wisdom can only be found outside of those who eugenically kill some sheep, while selectively enhancing the gene pool of others; and all of that while masquerading as the leaders of sheep.

Put another way, some of us pay a heavier price in herds of humans.

On that note, the tragic case of a 12 year old girl who killed herself, and claimed her step father had sexually abused her:

Katelyn Nichole Davis, minutes before she hangs herself to death and posts it to Facebook:

Katelyn Nicole Davis

Can anyone look at her face and not cry? How helpless we all are in the face of this little girl, who will shortly kill herself. What animal did not do enough to save her??

My guess, is her single mother who used her for a paycheck, and had multiple men, drugs, and more in the house:

Tammy Michelle Rodgers arguing with her daughter about the mothers drugs, and multiple “men in the house,” just before the girl kills herself:

In my town, the local blogger posted an image of a “kresh” for Christmas, and it was empty. The Blogger, John Crawfish, noted that this is what Christmas looks like without any Jews, Blacks or single mothers- but he curiously left out Bedouins, the Chinese, and Muslims. Best guess: something about single mothers making more single mothers fuels their economy- or, fuels something, anyways.

Why does American society  revere the image of a young girl in distress- is it a Catholic and Jewish thingy? Or is it that so many can capitalize upon the image- that they can look good, without ever being good; that strength in numbers dictates ‘the ends justify the means?’ This is the case of images in America today, and perhaps, always. People weep over images of girls, but barely lose a drop over boys.

So then- do you cry as easily when you read the words ‘ boys kill themselves at a rate of  4  dead boys to 1 dead girl in America.’

Surely, the word is NOT as powerful as the image. Why is THAT? My best guess is that my Jewish-Catholic culture has issues with imagery and words- and that lies and partial truths travel the world quicker than whole truths. Or, maybe, something about mystery cult religion, hiding in caves all the time.

Here- have a read about teen suicides, and note that this article is ten paragraphs long. The, note that we do not discover the fact that boys suicides out number girls suicides 4 to 1.

Here are more articles about teen suicide:

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Boys in Eastern Bloc nations kill themselves around 5 boys to 1 girl- why is THAT?