I saw a hummingbird, stick its bill into a water laden leaf this morning I think Saint Francis of ISISI ( or that other guy who loved roses) is rolling in his Catholic grave! And surely, Saint Augustine is having a dead mans boner over it. He was such a stiff, anyways…..

Then, there’s the strange case of the Japanese snow monkey( a macacque pronounced “mah cock”) fucking a sika deer:

Makes me wonder about those mountains behind this town, where one local informant informs me, ” Satanic thing happen.”

Oh- and a local squad SUV was outside in front of my apartment AGAIN at 3:30 am this very morning, at the foot of that mountain (remember when we said “squad car” before Syrian and Iraqi oil made it possible to own bigger beefier vehicles for all of us progressives?). I would upload a video of the event, but then, I would have to upgrade my WordPress account-which is not feasible when discussing “free” speech.

HE/she  was probably checking for bad thoughts floating around in the air, that need exigent policing to monitor and perhaps capture them, and keep children safe from monkeying around; or using words to describe the odd state of affairs in this town and elsewhere regarding speech, privacy, assembly and association; not to mention due process and equal protection.

My mind is like a “remote viewing” station, full of “projection.” And these events have happened across multiple jurisdictions for over a decade,and I have never been convicted of any crime.