Not one fingertip…..

Today we see an appalling situation, unimagined by our constitutional framers: that a foreign service and it’s agents of social control, via mind control, and thereafter, monetary control, could blackmail and then subvert our Congress, with the consent of THAT CONGRESS.

By default, international finance has stolen our Constitution, and blackmailed our senators into rubber stamping intelligence collection that targets American Citizens.

They do this, because he NSA has for well over a decade, alllowed Israel unfetered access to our emails, phone calls, and more, without a warrant.

LIke birds, on a wire, the blackbird cries ” AAaaaAAAAaaaaaAAwwk!

Today, Israel monitor the American internet for “bad words” and “lashon hara,” which not only violates the constitution, but also common sense-church and state are no longer hindered by boundaries; much less 14th amendment rights of equal treatment under the law. And the rest of the constitution, of course.