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This torn beer box flap is one of  many improvised reporters notebooks that I used to document a hidden team of LEO’s in an apartment by my house. While many feel safe with SWAT teams living next door to them, I am one of just a few who know how these teams are being used to subvert American freedom. Read on to understand why- unlike some people-why I feel less safe knowing who my neighbors are.


American police are being purchased by people who have dual citizenship and billions of dollars to burn us, divide us, and conquer us with.

That note, in the picture above, was scribbled on a beer box flap that I tore off of my garbage one afternoon, as the occupant of an apartment 100 feet away from y own discussed the local politics of the Anti-Defamation League in West Hollywood; and also some local dirt about a few colleagues. You see, in America today, I am afraid for my life, every day, knowing that targeted assassinations of journalists, and activists, and even low level criminals and whistle blowers is happening all across our great nation. And many of those are preceded by whisper campaigns, and ‘frame jobs’ and much more.

Israeli whisper campaigns, tolerated or backed by Five Eyes nations police at the local level, coupled with online harassment, hacking by intelligence agencies, and how it comes offline to intimidate, entrap, or otherwise manipulate speakers.

One of my neighbors- I will call her Tessy to protect her anonymity- was caught up in the narratives that ‘international finance’ and the domestic violence industry, aka modern American policing, which leveraged her against the notion that a man who she cared about was a ‘pedophile’ based in the fact that he was a swim coach who wooed underaged girls under his authority to do so. You will get no argument from me that this guy is, and was then, a true scumbag, and should be punished for what he did (if he isn’t already.) Every heterosexual person entire known world is biologically designed by nature to respond to the most capable vehicle of genetic material.

But in the narrative of ‘domestic violence’ and so on that has led America for some 30 years or so, we see a clear pattern. And that pattern is this: local cops and upper echelon intelligence agencies are also exploiting our daughters and sons sexuality, but in a different way: on one hand they come as protectors, and point to the ‘bad guys’ like the swim coach, and on the other, they slip into our daughters lives and minds and hearts as the ‘good guys,’-but do the exact same things as the bad guys do. And this, intergenerationally, which is enhanced because our country today is guided by hidden methods of policing, and the “dossiere'” which once, was a despicable practice of foreign communists agents. And, it’s finance in part by th Anti-Defamation League, an organization started by a criminal syndicate.

It is a form of narrative twist that posits that bad men are bad primarily because they do not have the power to cover their tracks, or pay off those who they use and abuse. In it’s worst form, it is the case of Celeste Guap, aka Jasmine Abuslin, who was passed around like a football(or a ping pong ball, in Doug’s vernacular) by seven police departments. In the case of my neighbor, Tessy, it is ” sure, I have a lot of friends who are cops, FBI agents, DHS” and so on. You figure it out, I can’t. But I do know one thing only: we are all to afraid to talk about it- how does one begin a dialogue about THAT??

Privacy, equal protection, due process, and free speech depend from whether or not cops, military trolls, alphabet agencies, and other shitbags are financed to invade, disrupt,  and then oppress the rights of speakers.

We now live in the era of the dossiere’, and the gray area between a citizens ability to protect rights, and a citizen’s inability to afford them. And in that area, exists a police mechanism of ‘narrative control’ that has divided us all into ‘us-v-them,’ which is a false dichotomy.

Regardless of your race, religion, or politics, a horrifying thing is taking place in America today: those who once were sworn to protect and serve the people of the United States, are now ‘protecting’ the interests of people who have dual nationalities; and those people can easily run to another country after they stir up the pot here, and turn American against American.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great concern for, and respect for the police in America-but I no longer know who they are working for-and you don’t either. But here below is Keith Labella, esq., noting that American police have become spies for international corporations who target Americans with long term surveillance, and other forms of disruptive harassment that impinges upon the most basic rights of due process, and privacy. This targeting, spying, and harassment has a name: it is organized gang stalking, and it is very real. The note in the photo above is just one piece of evidence I have accumulated to prove it.

Police Trap?

There is strong circumstantial evidence that gang stalking is an elaborate federal police trap:

1. An almost complete media blackout on the issue. No serious attention given to the subject even after active shooters Aaron Alexis and Myron May both identified themselves as targeted individuals, and both contacted “activist groups”.

2. For the past 10 years the word “perp” has been used to describe stalkers by “activist groups”. This word is rarely used by civilians but uniformly used in police-speak.

3. The stalkers have been trained to use FBI floating box surveillance techniques. These techniques are known to all targets of the Program. The link below elaborates on this FBI technique:

4. According to Loyola Law School Professor Alexandra Natapoff’s book Snitching 50 percent of all narcotics cases are prosecuted using informant testimony as key evidence. She also points out that some 15 million Americans come into contact with the Criminal Justice System every year either through arrest, probation, parole, or some other court monitoring scheme. This does not include the millions of families that have to deal with CPS every year making them vulnerable to state bullying and the schemes of sociopathic bureaucrats.

Organized Crime Is the Real Target

Consider the resources being employed in this Program, and anyone of average intelligence will know it is a federal operation. Who are the feds biggest domestic targets? Violent Extremists including militia members, eco-terrorists, animal rights activists, and hackers are all included, but, the longest and most resource intensive campaigns by the feds have historically, and up to the present day, targeted Organized Crime, local police corruption and local political corruption. All three of these are closely associated and their targeting includes a plan to federalize most serious crimes, including narcotics and the rackets. Federal conspiracy laws are so loose that the mere testimony of an un-indicted  co-conspirator can support a conviction.

The people who will make the feds case against organized crime in this Program are not core members of organized crime. They are the less vetted members who have low standing, but, are involved in the daily criminal activities of the organization (associates, petty criminals doing freelance work, hangarounds, prospects). The government has already established that it will puff up the criminal credentials of these more loosely affiliated members to bring down real members and high ranking members of O.C. These peripheral associates are closer to the street corner dealers, pimps, petty thieves, etc., that are doing the gang stalking. These street corner criminals are also largely owned by the government, most of them being compromised informants. With 1 out of 5 members of O.C. being a snitch, it is foolish to trust anyone out of the core inner circle.

The feds are aware that there is more heroin and cocaine being trafficked in Brooklyn and Queens today than there was during the pizza connection cases. Narcotics, along with numbers, escort services, etc., are run by people outside the LCN, typically trusted relatives, via store front businesses that also serve as an initial source for laundering money. This is especially important in providing a degree of organizational separation in areas like narcotics where the feds commit massive resources. As was the case 30 years ago, a relative with one or more pizza shops will supply middle level dealers, who in turn supply customers and smaller dealers (in Maspeth, Ridgewood, Bushwick, etc., bikers ran much of the cocaine supplied by LCN). So, what does this have to do with gang stalking? Firstly, someone connected to the rackets, who is not a member or associate/wise guy will puff themselves up and be prone to acting tough by association. Secondly, these affiliates are prone to be drawn into stupid police traps. They are likely to grandstand by participating in gang stalking harassment, imitating organized crime members, but directing their harassment toward easy targets such as a gang stalking/conspiracy against rights targets. These mobbed up business fronts are particularly close with corrupt local police, many of them on federal radar and unwittingly being groomed as future heat magnets/federal targets. They also represent the weakest link, and will be compromised/flipped by something small like a tax evasion case.

The intelligence game requires that useful information be given to federal targets to gain their trust. This is merely a cost of doing business to the feds. O.C. benefits from street level criminals in various ways. They either pay a street tax for doing their criminal activities, or have a franchise type relationship where they buy drugs exclusively from an O.C vendor who also provides police protection. The same goes for information. The feds will make information from criminal harassment networks, i.e. gang stalkers, useful to O.C. so they think they are the ultimate beneficiary of this activity. Before coming to that determination, and keeping in mind the very loose nature of federal conspiracy laws, here are some of the major federal conspiracy crimes that O.C. members are on the hook for. The phrase guilty by association, rather than actual guilt, is well known to O.C. members who have done long stints in prison for getting mixed up with clowns (remember it can take decades for the feds to actually close a large-scale,multi-district federal case):

18 U.S.C. 241 Conspiracy against rights (despite being dubbed the “KKK” Act, this is a color blind statute, i.e., it applies to all victims equally regardless of race, religion, gender or any other factor).

18 U.S.C. 242 the same Conspiracy law as above applied to local police and other government officials with lighter penalties.

Patriot Act Section 802 “Domestic Terrorism” this law can trigger indefinite detention without the right to a lawyer. This law also does not require violence, but merely the threat of violence or coercion.

Digital Camera
My neighbor “Doug” told me he was well aware of these tactics. AND, he was the first person I told about the guys in Apartment G.

All of these laws carry lengthy federal prison sentences, and the possibility of the death penalty.

Federal criminal jurisdiction is commonly established when a crime occurs that crosses state lines, usually as a criminal violation of the commerce clause. Criminal violations of the commerce clause include hijackings and restraint of trade, but could be applied to any crime crossing state lines. A violation in the case of gang stalking would involve communication among criminal harassment networks across state lines that interfere with a targeted individual. Targeted individuals often report being harassed in multiple states, and while traveling through different states. The businesses that gang stalking targets frequent are also targeted and sabotaged (e.g., damaged deliveries, increased theft, vandalism, robberies, assaults etc.). It is a no brainer that the feds will use this as a basis for federal criminal jurisdiction as well as the stacking up of serious federal felony charges. Given the facts of how this Program operates, the resulting indictments will read like Hollywood scripts.

….follow this link to learn more.