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Imagine a world devoid of privacy. Then, listen to the silence on the wires as America devolves into a fascist, or communist, or totalitarian state. But not on my watch. See you in court!


The “other guys” often impersonate our guys, and our guys overlook it. That’s a problem for privacy, and free speech.

The Mossad in America gets a free pass to harass and deceive, manipulate and destroy Americans, and thy often pose as law enforcement or ADL members.

By Philip Giraldi

Israeli government claims that it does not spy on the United States are intended for the media and popular consumption. The reality is that Israel’s intelligence agencies target the United States intensively, particularly in pursuit of military and dual-use civilian technology. Among nations considered to be friendly to Washington, Israel leads all others in its active espionage directed against American companies and the Defense Department. It also dominates two commercial sectors that enable it to extend its reach inside America’s domestic infrastructure: airline and telecommunications security. Israel is believed to have the ability to monitor nearly all phone records originating in the United States, while numerous Israeli air-travel security companies are known to act as the local Mossad stations.

As tensions with Iran increase, sources in the counterintelligence community report that Israeli agents have become more aggressive in targeting Muslims living in the United States as well as in operating against critics. There have been a number of cases reported to the FBI about Mossad officers who have approached leaders in Arab-American communities and have falsely represented themselves as “U.S. intelligence.” Because few Muslims would assist an Israeli, this is done to increase the likelihood that the target will cooperate. It’s referred to as a “false flag” operation.

Mossad officers sought to recruit Arab-Americans as sources willing to inform on their associates and neighbors. The approaches, which took place in New York and New Jersey, were reportedly handled clumsily, making the targets of the operation suspicious. These Arab-Americans turned down the requests for cooperation, and some of the contacts were eventually reported to the FBI, which has determined that at least two of the Mossad officers are, ironically, Israeli Arabs operating out of Israel’s mission to the United Nations in New York under cover as consular assistants.

In another bizarre case, U.S.S. Liberty survivor Phil Tourney was recently accosted in Southern California by a foreigner who eventually identified himself as an Israeli government representative. Tourney was taunted, and the Israeli threatened both him and journalist Mark Glenn, who has been reporting on the Liberty story…..

….follow this link(1) to read more.

Note: Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer, is the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. His “Deep Background” column appears every month exclusively in The American Conservative.

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The pfabeacon notes that a certain lawyer from San Francisco named Ed H. once remarked about the U.S.. Liberty, and made other comments that indicate that he 1) has ties to Minnesota, and persons there who are affiliated with the JDL 2) is affiliated with ADL-like interests in San Francisco 3) that he is privvy to data that could ONLY have been gleaned from a cellphone that I have used in the past 4) whose writing career began with an introduction to one Jocelyn——— who also has such ties to these groups 5) I state here and now that it is my belief based upon information that I was then-yet again- a target of a domestic spy ring.

In my case, from 2001 and forwards, I have encountered many shades of ‘intelligence agents’ who represent themselves, or most often subtly indicate that they are “U.S agents,” but in fact are likely Mossadi’s working through the various so-called Jewish interest groups like the Jewish Defense League or the Anti-Defamation League (whose primary business is waging spying operations and defamation campaigns against those that it targets.

Related Story: How the ADL buys American police influence

One of the hidden aspects of what are called “disruption campaigns” waged by the FBI against targeted speakers is that not only are the means and methods of these campaigns well diguised as legitimate. though entirely secret- but also that the ADL actively targets, harasses, wiretaps, infiltrates, and in many cases acts as “U.S. intelligence agents,” or causes the appearance that this is so.

Then they use Americans as human intelligence sources (HUMINT), against their will, and frequently without the target even knowing they are being used!

Here below is just one example of tens of thousands where we see the FBI acknowledging the “value” of the ADL’s hidden functions(2) whereby they act as not only default U.S. agents, but also as Mossad go-betweens, in a scheme of completely unnaccountable and illegal  intelligence gathering-and that, without registering as foreign agents.

Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Bill Lewis discussed the many ways ADL resources help law enforcement.

As you know, the FBI compiles statistics annually for a variety of reports to include crime statistics. Here are some numbers that are just as important but are not as well known:

  • 7.3 million – the number of visits to ADL’s extensive online resources for law enforcement. This is crucial to the men and women of the FBI.
  • 85,000 – The number of law enforcement personnel trained in partnership with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Every new FBI trainee at our academy visits the museum as part of a course we refer to as:  Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust.
  • 500 – The number of law enforcement personnel honored by ADL, more than half of whom have received the Helene and Joseph Sherwood Prize for Combating Hate right here in Southern California.
  • and the number 1 — ADL is a leader in terms of non-governmental organizations that conduct training for law enforcement about extremism and hate crime.

In my 33-year career as a deputy sheriff and FBI agent, I have worked in many different parts of the country and can tell you that the local ADL plays an important role throughout the country.  I am grateful to be in Los Angeles where I can call Amanda and she and her staff are available to train us on cutting edge issues, serve as expert witnesses and support our investigations.   In closing, I’d like to add my sincere appreciation and admiration for the Sherwood family – for their support and recognition of the work we do – and for their unfailing mission in spreading the message to combat hate.

Special Note:

As I wrote this post from a public library terminal, these things are worth noting (and have been noted by many others): 1) the screen froze as I tried to log-in to this blog 2) the screen freeze lasted for nearly two minutes 3) I cannot add links to this post 4) the internet speed and delivery was rapid, and easy UNTIL I logged in to this account on WordPress, whereupon it did the above. (and after some ten minutes of writing, I still cannot publish a link to text.)

All of this and more has been discussed by others in relation to how the hidden functions and speech suppression mechanisms work behind the scenes to distort or destroy online speakers and writers.

Further, the pfabeacon is beginning to see a pattern that often, these same agents, or other radical Jewish militants might be culpable for creating terrorists here in America, as is likely the case with Omar Mateen, and others, as we saw in San Bernardino where the shooter Sayed Farook was targeted with harassment by a zionist, “Messianic Jewish” co-worker for weeks before he went on his rampage.

In no way does the pfabeacon deny that many heinous acts are perpetrated on innocent Jewish people across the globe, or to diminish the reality that actual anti-semitism exists, I merely point out that here, in America, there is tentative evidence that radical right wing zionists have propelled more than one hate crime forwards, and also, that the ADL specifically spies on Americans and more, complicit with the FBI. I suggest that many of these ‘active shooters’ are in fact, products of FBI overlooking the activities of the ADL, and other so-called community policing organizations.


Jews for Jesus member torches Omar Mateen’s mosque:





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