It’s 3:06 a.m., on Wednesday, the 4th of January, 2017. And I try to publicize a post, indicting the multi-alphabet agencies, and their cohort cultists and occultists in the Five Eyed nations of subverting privacy at the switch, and free speech association, and more, after that ( and as they seek out, and capture pictures of our children in the bath tub as we send them to our grandmothers, or other tribal members.)

And, nothing  I can do on my WordPress blog, will allow me to publish a post. I try the publish button; the publish button again for several minutes; and then, I check my stats- someone, from somewhere, has looked at my blog from the ‘dashboard feature’ of WordPress-AS I PUBLISH- and that screen capture reveals little, other than concurrence-coincidence, again. And again and again and again.

It could be that someone out there used a screencasting device; or that the fusion center has forgotten to switch its secret spyware on to ‘secret,’ causing my own blog to report double log-ins. It could be any of dozens of things; but it’s not. You see, this ain’t my first circus ticket.

Free speech is not only monitored in real time, but also, subverted at the switch by a lack of due process, which inhibits speakers online. And those of us who attempt free speech, know that our privacy in doing so has been co-opted, pre-emptive of any actual dialogue, before, during, and after we ‘publish,’ and attempt ‘ association’ in doing so.

But have  look at this official tool of social narrative formation, an ask him if he has such troubles- even non-official source blogging has it’s anti-free speech trolls; and moles, and smelly little cunty anti-constitutionalists.

After all it’s easy for some to walk on their knees, and worship mythological creations-who dump bags of dicks and clipped foreskins down their sycophantic throats, because, pedophiles !!(makes me wanna’ holler.)