Charles Manson seriously ill, moved to hospital, sources say

-Los Angeles Times

Jan. 3rd 2017

Charley Manson got life in prison, while people in my town still wonder “why wasn’t Roman Polanski home that night?” The local priest suspects Polanski consorted with h devil.


Richard Winton and Hailey Branson-PottsContact Reporter

Mass murderer Charles Manson was taken from a Central Valley prison to a hospital for an undisclosed medical issue, two sources familiar with the situation said.

One of the sources said Manson was seriously ill but could not provide specific information.


The pfabeacon asks “why do American’s in my town still talk about a nearly dead guy, as our nation wars on children across the globe, and sentences kids in America to do time in child abuse factories called “foster care,” with poverty pimps called “social workers?” Meanwhie, we are all spellbound and cuckolded by the fact that Poland won’t give up Roman Polanski, so we wiretap our internet, hoping to get the new people in town on tape, saying something bad ( I know this because I am an InfraGard member, on the local town council’s Fusion Force, which targets bad ideas online.)