How the NSA collects all Americans data, and selectively targets, and prosecutes individuals in America, with illegally gained information that often comes from an ‘anonymous source’ working in the Israeli IDF, Britain, or any of the other FiveEyes nations; and protected by the NSA/DEA/FBI/CIA collusion to target American dissenters with psychological operations, as they burn databases.

NSA domestic spying: how it works

In my town, there is a crisis- a pedophile outbreak-and everyone is wondering “why us-why now??!!” and getting their pitchforks together to hunt them pedophiles down, and maybe Doug, the guy in the alley, will mobilize the school kids to hold candle light vigils for pictures of naked kids. And the firemen blow their horns every now and again, to scare the devil away.

But we are a town that is glad it has contributed to freedom by allowing our government and its many heroic multitudinous alphabeticus agencies distribute pictures of naked kids all across the four corners of this flat earth, because it catches pedophiles-and other badguys/outsiders, of course, like terrorists, journalists, whistle blowers, and a few spineless hippies who can’t keep their mouths shut.

“Is it a coincidence that the NSA’s massive un-Constitutional wiretap of all American’s communications looks like some ovaries and a uterus? And look where the ‘sweet spot’ is! It’s like they are daring someone to poke around in there,” thought Panoptical Orpheus, because “she is asking for it.”

Nope- in my town, we don’t care what the super secret machinery looks like, or how it works in it’s selective targeting of needles in the haystacks, because the plain truth is, most people here are thrilled that our nation budgets 70 billion dollars to build bigger, better pedophile traps that catch the people who hurt children, or could; and we all generally believe that “if we save just one child,” the ends justify the means.

And we don’t care that it costs us 70 billion dollars per year, or that it is an infringement upon the very basis of the United States constitutional right of privacy; hen speech, then assembly and association that stem from those first essential rights because, after all we got on pedophile so far, n we are sure that the authorities are on the case to catch a few more.

Aylan Kurdi, deceased ‘illegal’ refugee, or, as Doug across the alley would have me believe- “these jihadi’s are right there at our southern border waiting to get in!!”

IN my town, we like  it when these sataniss’s get caught with their pants down, and we don’t care how much black budget or hidden un-constitutional stuff we have to throw at them to get them all locked away for life- because, like I said, the ends ALWAYS justify the means, because  if we save just ONE CHILD, it’s worth it. After all, a picture is worth  thousand words, but getting our name attached to ‘saving a child’ is pure Freudian war-porn mindfuck 101.