Hi neighbor- you don’t know me per se, but you willl some day, and you will ask: ” Who was that masked man?!” And I will reply ” I am Orpheus, the failed coward from the myth of the underworld, and the famed debunker of lies about the devil. Or, as you know the devil, ‘ us against them.’

Surely, that will confuse people from Sierra Madre ( which is currently under siege from the “Chinese” and “pedophiles.” Poor little town- it just wants to (kind of) get along, little doggies! But “the dirt’s*”, the pedophiles, and the Chinese keep getting in the way!

But I am getting ahead of myself, again.

You see, I am about to face a trial of great proportions, and throw my fate to the whim and winds of Americans- which is a horrible prospect, considering that Americans have become fearful and hate filled bigots, who revile outsiders, while simultaneously discouraging and disparaging how their local economies are drying up. Odd, that.

Well, anyways: when one relocates from one oat of the world to another, a bit of local interest is to be expected, but what I got here ( and have gotten nearly everywhere I have gone for the last 8 years) is intense scrutiny.

Here, have a look at a few of the people I encountered shortly after I reported the death of a local girl to the local blogger ( a man who, apparently, is so pro-war that he himself is at war with pedophiles, rather than a systemic abuse of all of our children, who are used as mercenaries- as wombs and warriors, or as “Barbies and soldiers” so that America can keep military supremacy, while sacrificing the most basic tenets of moral responsibility as it murders children across the world, and even now, schemes upon my own daughters flesh.)

What does a good cop look like? My guess is that this guy is a pretty decent fellow. I could probably talk to him about my troubles. I encountered him shortly after the local blogger deleted my anti-war comments from his blog. And, that blogger also neglected to thank me for bringing the death of a local girl to his attention- narcissists who struggle with ego issues of perception do that, sometimes. Yet this detective shown here showed up in my world within 30 days of my comments left on a blog. You are asking, of course, ‘how do you know tis guy is even a cop?!’ right? The answer is simple: and-the answer is an answer you are not prepared to know, as you have not earned it from me. But I will say this: within five minutes of him showing up, in a coffee shop off of Las Tunas and San Gabriel, he was joined by three more, whose straps were strapped. And, they were kind of cool, too.

BUT: BEFORE this happened, I had been alerted some 12 months (or more) before, that this would, eventually happen. And, some 20 days or so before this event, I travelled to Las Vegas, where i documented a hacker, sitting outside my hotel room at the Flamingo; and documented these words” ” Alpha, Delta, Gamma” as regards a hack of the Gamma Group of hackers, who are known for selling spywares and malwares and back doors to repressive governments that torture dissidents, speakers, and privacy advocates- the very bedrock essence of every right that proceeds forwards after that.

And, I was also at that location, surveilled on multiple occasions, by the Las Vegas “VIVA” boys who wear pretty yellow shirts, and who conveniently showed up no less than five times behind my back ( we got your back is a double entendre’ as I have also been Tasered in the back by security contractors/rent-a-cops over the years, sued them, and won.)

Anyways- when we separate the boys from the men we find patterns. Here is one:

Boys. Hotel Security, that competes with Las Vegas VIVA patrol volunteers to get a whiff of the piss pot that is glory.
Men. Men can stand at a door, and do whatever business comes along, no matter how deep or dangerous it might be; and do it alone, and take the consequences from it. This guy is either a bouncer, or an off duty cop bouncing (sure- it’s Vegas- maybe he’s ven an off duty Guido, but all signs indicated he is not). Either way, he had his sights on me, and was professionally subtle enough so that I was convinced he is not completely stupid; and who filmed him as a security camera rolled directly above my own miniature camera). In this shot, he has just nodded to another guy, who I will show approaching and entering this bar (Shea’s). He had, just a millisecond before, nodded his head to see what was in my hand, which was the small camera I was holding, which is smaller than the average cigarette lighter, and which was plainly shown, by me, to the camera above my head.

Other boys think they are smart: here is the guy the door man nodded to:

Yeah- word to the morons: don’t think others can’t read your sloppy, wolfish smiles, you bunch of fattened calves. This ain’t my first rodeo, blubberbelly.

In the common parlance, this above is a snapshot of what ” organized gang stalking” looks lke in practice. Most average Americans have no idea what it is or WHY. But what is significant to me at least, is that, no matter how I try to “get out” of the cult of intelligence,” I am stuck with the residue of the knowledge of it; and then, cannot escape their constant drama’s and set-ups. I would be better off as a devil worshiper, than to be a constant target of security apparatus ploys, and the boys who can’t grow out of it, or into a better way.




  • the local blogger ( who lost an election for mayor), is a big fan of false dichotomies, and practices the art of “us versus them” or, “townies versus DIRTS“so that local secrets remain secret, and preserved in the files, un-touched, while newcomers are internet raped as soon as they are discovered living here)and who now interfaces with the local priest, and the new chief of police ‘anonymously’ on his blog, is one of those who apparently grew up around here. And, if the internet is any good source, it inndicates that this local blogger John Crawfish, also has a connection to a satanist naed Rodney Alcala, and a dead girl, and the cop who