While Panoptical Orpheus pondered the miracles of the mirror and its potential to cast sideways glances, he was struck by an odd occurrence: that every time someone in America used words to describe the new fascism that had emerged after 9/11, that person was soundly assaulted with conflated terms, false dichotomies, and straw man arguments.

For instance, every single myth, and every single narrative that exists in American culture is first put through the meat grinder that is the CIA and it’s direct influence on every single element of the American propaganda stream, from Hollywood music to movies; and in every single memetic that one encounters on the internet. Sure, Orpheus thought, that’s classic paranoia-but when it is documented, and sourced, and then, well publicized, it becomes fact.

Here, have a look at what others are saying about how every “American” idea is in fact part of a grand trance formation:

How the CIA runs the American propaganda stream





So, in the disguise of ‘international feminism,’ women’s liberation, and so on, America was treated to a deluge of “what about rape!?” every time the supreme court shit on the constitution. And, as babies have been bombed by white phosphorous, and their lives depleted before they even began with uranium in Iraq, the same internationale’ cried “it’s for the children!’

Strange logic, and strange bedfellows, all of that.

You see, Orpheus had seen it coming back in 1993, when the witches of officialdom spun tall tales about fathers abusing their daughters, which is not only a blatant statistical anomaly, but also, a clever way to destroy families, and cause dependency on the state; to enforce compliance and foster baby farming for the benefit of the military (some 60% of military members come from broken homes, fatherless homes, and institution involved homes)

They cast a spell upon the land, and claimed that the devil was in their child’s daycare, that a child’s natural born father is a likely pedophile, that men in general are no good unless they are wealthy enough to fight back; and certain Hollywood interests ran an end around on fathers with songs that sang such:

Janie’s got a gun
Janie’s got a gun
Her dog day’s just begun
Now everybody is on the run
What did her daddy do?
It’s Janie’s last I.O.U.
She had to take him down easy and put a bullet in his brain
She said ’cause nobody believes me. The man was such a sleeze.
He ain’t never gonna be the same.

Yeah….”dude looked like a lady” is one way to say it; cuckoldry via constant messaging in the propaganda stream is another.

And so it was across the land from 1993 to 2003, when Orpheus was finally entombed in  a thousands year old myth of love and loss, and that myth one of cowardice and shame, as was often retold to him, he couldn’t save his love from the grasp of hell.

The control of the narrative comes in the form of armies armed with arms-but in America, also, the tentacles of the hydra we now know as the NSA mass surveillance apparatus, and the DEA SOD Hemisphere program; and power, and privilege; counter-narrative carries heavy penalties and costs. That is a fact of dialectic economics, as when one seeks to change a narrative, they are up against powerful social forces.

And, though it is arguable, the CIA is the most powerful of all, because they can form minds, and shape opinions, without ever being seen  to do so. From InQTel, to Hollywood, the company runs America.

So how is it exactly, that the mirror fails to reflect that? This odd paradox where journalists like Gary Webb, who discover stories of great importance to the public’s interest – instead of being hailed as hero’s, are demonized and destroyed instead? This idea that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof’ fails to pass the sniff test of informing the public, because great stories start with humble observations, and a fact or tow that is verifiable; no story starts with all the facts.

But who can challenge a flock of mockingbirds? Sometimes, hearsay is an acceptable replacement for ‘official source spin,” and in Webb’s case, there was one witness who noted that ‘ people were climbing around his house, and wiretapping his phone-stuff like that.”( link to the tape where Freeway Ricky Ross hears about the death of Webb, and notes that Webb was being followed and more).

So-what has all of this got to do with free speech? Simple: those who value it are certain to encounter the violence and oppression that is directed AT a speaker who challenges official source narratives.

Which brings me to the chilling of free speech, and the myth of the rapist, the terrorist, the pedophile (the whistle blower, the journalist, and the devil, of course) around every corner is the narrative that guides Americans today. And, it is killing our ability to think rationally about any and every issue; it is the spectacle that is dangled before those in the flock that would oppose heirarchical power structures for control off the narrative.

And not just that these are danged before the sheeple as examples- but these are also used to warn that they could be next. Such it goes when shearing, or dipping sheep, and sometimes, during the slaughter of scapegoats as well.

It was with these facts in mind that Orpheus laid the mirror down, and saw a glimmer of light. But not just a glimmer- in fact, shards and shatters, and fractals cast in may directions unimagined by others before him; and unimagined in the thousands of years he had spent entombed in the myth that preceded him, because as he watched for 30 years, how one generation, raised on myth became the willing servants of death and mayhem in foreign lands, killing and conquering other peoples children, it occurred to him that every 15 years or so, the myths are recycled to great and disastrous effect against the right of a speaker to reveal this mechanism of lies replacing truth; and of myth being more powerful than factual or scientific evidence.

And the evidence is clear: the pedophile has replaced the devil as the most evil of all in the eyes of the flock, which leaves the devil a new playground, and a new flock of young sheeple to work with.

Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance”