I live in a two tiered town where the good guys hate the bad guys, and those with power target the privacy of those without power, and that, pre-emptively, like most of our current and distressing constitutional crisis. And, the local blogger absolutely hates “the dirts,”who he defines as ‘those who he and his clique of locals is better than.’

But who knows who they are? Because they all hide behind anonymity on his blog. Which is why, when I moved here, I was well aware that my anonymity would last less time than it takes for you to move one tenant out of the apartment next door, and move IN some SWAT team members, and a few Community Club do-gooders, who may or may not be ‘keeping an eye on me,’ and more; much more.

it is not unknown for an analyst to explain a client’s unconditional pacifism as a reaction formation against their sadism. In addition,

“[h]igh ideals of virtue and goodness may be reaction formations against primitive object cathexes rather than realistic values that are capable of being lived up to. Romantic notions of chastity and purity may mask crude sexual desires, altruism may hide selfishness, and piety may conceal sinfulness.”[3]

Even more counter-intuitively, according to this model

“[a] phobia is an example of a reaction formation. The person wants what he fears. He is not afraid of the object; he is afraid of the wish for the object. The reactive fear prevents the dreaded wish from being fulfilled.[3]


Perhaps it’s  a reaction formation against having their own ‘dirt’ brought into the light-after all, of the many many runaway’s I have known, and the prostitutes I have known, and the one or two actual pedophiles I have known- all were part of a system whereby scapegoating was a more effective tool of control than telling the truth: that most people who abuse kids work with kids, have authority over kids, or who have or desire control over kids. Put another way, those who cry ‘wolf’ the loudest, often have a few tiny skeletons in their closets.

And, most of all, of the two-exactly two actual or possible, or accused pedophiles I have EVER known, both of them were related to law enforcement families. Here is one example, and the other is here. An this one wrote one of the most commonly used the psychlogical treatises of the “prediction of dangerous-ness in violent offenders.” Oh, the irony of it all.

And what dirt they might have? I don’t know or care anymore, because I know with certainty that this germ-this bacterial infection of pedofication, is a one way virus, that infects only those who have other stories to tell, with a willingness to tell them- those who can name names, and dates and times whereby ‘official sources’ with ‘official titles of respect’ and acting in ‘official capacities’ did anything BUT what is officially acceptable, and did that, to those who were powerless to stop them

But in this town, the pedophiles are outnumbered 10,000 to 3. Put another way, this towns pedophile percentage is .003%. And, if the information i have found online is any indicator, only one of these has actually hurt, raped, or sexually abused an actual child.So, the pedophiles are at a distinct disadvantage to ever gain a platform whereby they can tell their own stories, rather than to remain in a state of suspended animation, like aborted babies in a jar at a museum; spectacles ad infinitum, and voiceless at the behest of a certain political and scientific discourse that hods them up and also holds them in formaldehyde, in order to set ‘examples’ of ‘science at work.’

So- in this town, there is actually only one actual pedophile who actually abused a kid ( and one can infer, based in the current statistics, that this town harbors A LOT MORE PEDOPHILES than the official tally). The other two were convicted for child pornography, and that pornography, regurgitated through the official mechanism of naked or molested children distribution network for decades past the time of the actual abuse-most often of of an unknown provenance, thus leaving the actual child molester/pedophile statistic at .001% of the population, and the pornography statistic at .002%.

But apparently, the main concern in this town-according to the local blogger who lives midpoint between the valley and the top of a mountain-is that the new sheriff in town keep the pedophiles under control. Which leads me to ask-exactly what kind of pedophile detector do they use around here anyways- how do they ‘detect pedophiles’ anyways? Shortly, we shall have a full look at that, and be able to analyze it in full ( or, as fully as is possible in a state whereby all judicial processes are held to be legitimate, while “parallel constructions” are held to be the dream that the Jesus had, just before he tossed the church into a heap.)

So, the pedophile count is between .001% and .003% of the population, but the pedophile hordes are clearly making their way to this place, according to John Crawfish, opinionated blogger, who is, for some reason, very very scared of pedophiles. 

I suggest, Mr. Crawfish, that you look within- always look within, because your own situation might also require re-calibration if looked at in the light of day. Much less the children you have let to this earth; or your own cherished relatives. You see- we all value our privacy, even if we can’t all afford it-especially in this small town, where your own secrets lie, and lie.

Because-if you have nothing to hide, right? How about the rest of your kith and kin, for the next several generations? Because that is what this is all about.

Run for the hills (and bring a straw man)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Children of the corn fed: It’s for the Children!! Image courtesy of storify.com

What was most interesting was that my wife- a woman who is naive to the way Americans target other Americans with secret society hidden mayhem, para-judicial practices, and hidden slander campaigns that these days are enshrined in international, interconnected databases-my wife told me within a month of our moving in that she frequently encountered the local squad cars in the alley, or just outside in the street, early in the mornings as she drove off to work. And that was about a year and a half ago. I saw them too, but knew what they were about, as this has been a constant in my life since 2008.

Later, the police force of my town lost some funding, and essentially fired the cops from the night shift (who, it might be noted, have an incredibly high rate of complaints for such a small town,) and a bigger group was brought in: the LAPD. And, they cruised about the town at night; and they cruised by my apartment frequently. And of course, this time, like last time, my phone and internet activity suffered the usual mobbing and subversion; a big story about Somali terrorists was scooped from my email; another about the CIA feeding the FBI data, and these spy planes flying over American soil, spying on Americans was scooped from the motel where I met my source ( a guy who works in the defense industry.)

That story broke in a state where I once practiced the dark arts of underground, unofficial source journalism via blogging while trying to maintain national security by NOT blogging certain stories as well. Later, a local source claimed he knew all along about this story-but the thread between me, my source in the defense industry, and a now missing cell phone containing a ‘research trail’ is clear-I had that story before anyone else did, and I had it from THE GUY WHO INVENTED THE TECHNOLOGY on those planes.

Fast forwards to last August, when I submitted a tip to said local blogger about a local woman who had been found dead far from this town where she was born-and that blogger posted a story about that.

Shortly after, I queried his narrative thus: ” I see you hate all three of your local pedophiles. Is that a reaction formation, or some kind of obfuscation of the fact that our country has murdered some 500, 000 children overseas in the last 15 years? It seems to me that the anxiety our society has about pedophiles is over-rated compared to the lack of  humanity or remorse, insight, angst, or even concern that our country has been fully militarized; and that our news censors and forbids dialogue and especially, imagery about murdered kids and their families and futures overseas.”

Or, something like that.

And you  should see how fast my comments were turned over to the authorities! The quickest 180 I have ever experienced with local bloggers. I went from ‘submitting a tip about a local girl’ to ‘SATAN himself’ in less than 24 hours, around August 8th. That’s a record- but then again, this is a small town, with it’s back to a mountain; and me? Just another blogger who has been followed, surveilled, harassed into obscurity for over a decade.

The Bloggerman.

My initial comment about the murdered local girl who was found dead in a parking lot ( who, it turns out, gave that blogger discounts on hockey tickets) was swept of the blog; and my subsequent comments turned over to an as yet unknown internet monitor, and then things got really interesting (not least of which is that one of the ‘community clubs’ hosted an ‘active shooter drill’ here, and these drills are notoriously the new lynch mobs, but far more clever and plausibly deniable) .

You see, since forever-or 2003 specificallly, everywhere I go, my comments seem to cause a stir. And, in the time I have been here, I have watched my comments disappear from internet discussion forums, or my email’s get zapped right out of my email box the minute I hit send, quite frequently, as if I have a censor sitting right outside my window, or a policeman/woman at my very elbow. Or, in my alley, as it turns out.

You see, to make a long story short, over the last year point five, I watched a family move out of apartment G, and  SWAT team move in; and I watched a young vibrant family get chased out of the apartment across from my balcony, in order so that a Rotarian could move in, with a few jugs of water and a chair; and shoot dirty looks at my wife across the yard, and leave just one-just one sheaf of her blinds open, like a panoptical eyeball, looking right at my porch.

And that’s not even the half of it: my car was scratched up, my dash camera broken, my door lock sprung twice (costing me $750 to fix) and my phone stolen twice (!!); my wife’s phone stolen once.

There is this idea in the Constitution of due process rights, and much more; but there is this other thing everywhere I go that defies logic. That thing is called discrimination, and me? I have  never been convicted of any crime-but surely implicated, in a continuing campaign of whispers, and that, for decades.

So, when my wife first told me about the officers in the alley, I knew what that was about, as it has been the case for many years. You see, my career as a journalist was cut short or “disrupted” in 2003, and since then, I frequently encounter these things as more, and I have been used, without my consent, as domestic Human Intelligence.

So, anyways: I live in a three sex offender town, and recently, a fourth guy was arrested by the NCMEC, and the ICAC, and of course, the LAPD- and he is an Air Force vet, apparently. You see, there is something interesting about the Air Force, and that interesting thing is this: one of the other sex offenders in this town used to be the head of  Armed Services Broadcasting, and, it is rumored, that he was a setup and blackmail guy that worked in the capacity of setting up and compromising foreign officials, and others; or, one has speculated, that as a gay man, he was himself bait used to entrap or compromise others.

Who knows? We live in new times. And being a gay man who himself could act as a honeypot isn’t so special anymore, and holds little social stigma even. So what boogieman can possibly replace that one? Which brings me to the new mark of the beast: the pedophile, and the pedofication process, whereby this whole town is-for some reason– petrified of, or desiring to murder in others who they fear or know only through hidden databases.

But I am getting ahead of myself: some time last February, I encountered an ex-Air Force criminal profiler online, who accused me of being a murderer, and who, like many hidden people online, are part of the larger picture of the loss of free speech, privacy, and equal protection under the constitution here in America; those that attack first, ask questions later, while asking that others stay silent about such facts. And, too, I have been nearly surrounded by USAF people, out of the blue, everywhere since I moved here, and there’s not an airbase in sight.

So, suuuuure. A pedophile explosion seems imminent. I can imagine what that would look like, but I’d rather not. As a trained pacifist, and a non-violent resistor, just the thought of it makes my dick hard. Or not, depending on who you ask, and how much they get paid to seed the dialogue with tales of nearly mythical child molesters, and stamp out all dialogue of hundreds of thousands of murdered kids in the Middle East and beyond, forever.

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