Many have remarked that free speech is useless without a few million dollars to defend it in court, using all the right expert witnesses. And, long before many cases even get into a courtroom, the narrative itself has been tampered with on an official level, and then, by the manipulative use of propaganda, and ‘narrative exploitation,’ and so, as a cultural artifact of story telling, the moral panic has more power than the facts or any version of truth.

One of the powerful social mechanisms of my generation is sexual hysteria, and moral panic about satanic cults, stealing away children and so on. While I don’t disagree that such is an important and useful narrative-indeed it is imperative that all of our children are protected from the pedophile, or the kidnapper- it s also useful to inquire about how that exact narrative fails to ask: what creates such people?

I look at my own past in order to answer that question, because I come from the era when psychology was replacing religion as the opiate of the masses, and I ask: how much has media trance formation replaced religion and superstition? How much has the boogieman replaced the devil while still, those in power are never brought down, and revealed-how do they move so fluidly into one career after another, without sanction or punishment?

Then, to ask- are we targeting the right sight at the wrong end of the spectrum? Because certainly, it takes power, and control over the social mechanism itself to create circumstances where these things happen.After all, most kids are abused in foster care settings, and by people in ‘authority.’

In my life, I had the mis-fortune of encountering Dr.  Donald J. Tyrell, a man who used his psychology practice in ways that today would get him indicted, and convicted of sexual crimes against children, and crimes against families.  He plainly would be locked up for life today on my own testimony, and that of others.

All of the surveillance and monitoring of the internet, and individual citizens rights to speak online are designed to let the ‘big fish’ swim free, while persecuting those who reveal the crimes of these same bottom feeders and bullies.It’s a big net to catch those of us who seek to avoid further predation by these ‘officials’ who abuse power, and never get caught.

It was this man, Tyrell, and his methods of practice via his various ‘therapies’ that put sexual perverts into my life, and the lives of my brothers and sisters. There was Gary, the local cop, and his wife Jan (who I cannot find on the internet), and the dirty, dishevelled ‘Greg,’ the guy who stalked my sister’s underwear drawer, and a few photographers as well, whose names I no longer recall, but who gladly photographed all of us “beautiful kids,” for free. I have never said that out loud before.

These ‘official’ people were like many today- just grist for the paper mills of academics and officials who exploited us then, and who exploit others today as material to write about in thesis after thesis, as if we are just lab rats, and they, some type of better thing. The ‘dirts’ as one local blogger points out frequently on his blog, “the Body Snatcher”

Better than us, those who they used for pen and profit, while never interacting on any substantive or meaningful level.

But Don Tyrell was later forced to relinquish his practice, and more, because his ‘therapies’ such as attempting to force my dad to fight a cop in a ‘session’ or thrusting a knife at my father and daring him to take it away; his acts of attempting to encourage the seduction of my mother-these and more left me with a bitter taste for psychologists, and the cult-like status that they occupy in our society and in court rooms across the land.

And to this day, psychology is little more than voodoo science, based in theory after theory, backed by big pharmaceutical companies who further exploit social awareness of what is and isn’t mental illness. It’s a primary narrative enforcer of the us versus the Them, and nothing more.

Here-have a look at Don Tyrell, one of those who coached my parents into a destructive divorce, after manipulating our families, exploiting us for profit, and leaving broken homes full of hurting people in his wake. It is these and the newer, glossier drug pushing forms of them reincarnated today as gurus of higher knowledge that do little by way of helping anyone do anything, as they help themselves to careers and social status.

Tyrell even wrote one of the court-room worthy treatises on the ‘dangerousness of the insane,’ and so on. And long after he had steam rolled my family, avoided statutes of limitations on child abuse and other criminal conduct in his ‘therapy groups’ he went on to a law career as a professor. It is these people that I fear one day might influence my daughter, and surely, their deeds are intergenerational, and very well organized-for these are the masters off secret keeping, and my family, of victim of him.

Donald J.Tyrell,
Prediction of Dangerousness, 34 MED. TRIAL TECH. Q. 24 (1988)



At the age of 57, Donald J. Tyrell wants to become a lawyer. Sound ambitious? Be apprised of some recent history and one might understand why some folks are aghast.

Tyrell was a psychologist in northwest suburban Chicago who was the target of one of the most notorious cases brought by the Illinois Department of Registration and Education. It involved the alleged physical and sexual exploitation of clients, several of whom were minors.

The 40-count complaint, filed by Shari Dam, an attorney with the department, accused Tyrell of sexually abusing male and female minors and young adults while they supposedly were under his psychological care in the 1970s.

A judo expert, Tyrell induced patients to physically assault him, according to the complaint. He would then strike back, sometimes causing them serious physical injury, including a dislocated shoulder, a broken ankle and a chipped tooth, the complaint charged. He also was alleged to have given a loaded gun and a knife to clients, taunting them to attack him.

In 1984, Tyrell was barred from ever practicing psychology in this or any other state. But now he wants to embark on a new profession.

He has just graduated from Loyola University Law School, is gearing to take the bar exam this summer, and his application to practice law is pending before the Illinois Board of Law Examiners and the Committee on Character and Fitness for Cook County.

One of America’s biggest secrets is that our intelligence agencies, social clubs, and police institutions use men like Tyrell in inter-generational experiments, and like the free press, co-opted by the ‘mockingbird effect,’ there exists in psychology, and all of the other disciplines, a gate-keeping mechanism that filters out the story you see above, and replaces it with an echo chamber of official source agency chatter, or misinformation designed to steal the time of any truth seeker who wishes to write.

But you can look it up, and I can testify that what the Chicago Tribune reported then, I lived first hand, and have fallen prey to those who wish to conceal these inconvenient facts from public view. And I find little irony in the fact that these same are always around kids.