Many have remarked about freedom that ” if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to say.” Or, something remotely close to that. After all, those who have nothing to hide are relatively boring- or lawyered up to the wazzoo, with guns in their holsters, and a willingness to kill those who use words.

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I haven’t spoken about the odd conversation I overheard one day in the apartment across the way from me over there off of Highland Drive, or the guys who moved out just after I wrote the note above. I was ‘taking out some trash’ when I heard this odd thing about a SWAT team, some local “affairs” and scrawled my note on a beer box flap, as they were discussing ‘morality’ and yet plotting the destruction of a persons marriage, and an exodus from West Hollywood via “Evangeline’s” crew. And. too, my telephone was tapped, and often, redirected to that apartment as I checked, and doubl checked, with “AIMSicD” the StingRay exposing app.

One of the things I have to hide, that I no longer wish to hide, is that this officer of the law, who I will call ” Gary Holv–” used to come to my house, and sit for long hours in my 12-year -old sisters bedroom. And he wrote her letters- I am sure she would testify to that. He wrote her what she told me then were ” love letters.”

And his wife/girlfriend, Jan, used to lead my older brother off to her bedroom for lessons of some kind or another, as I was tasked with ” watch the t.v., and let us know if someone comes home.,” and so on. What an odd comeuppance, and what a horror. Chid abuse is virtually a normalized hin i America, becasue the socia services are oened by police, and judges. (credit to Milton—– in Minnesota, who is NOT bought and paid for)

One of the odd details of this is that, once upon a time, I was followed, surveilled, and harassed ad infinitum on a trip from Minneapolis, MN, to Chicago, IL, and my internet was redirected and malwared and so on. I have documentation as I was staying at the Millennium Hotel, where a very odd, 6’2″ tall “janitor” and an ex-Marine all seemed to want to talk about McHenry, Illinois. Oddest thing ever, how cops cover for each others child abuse spanning generations. And, I got odd redirections to ” Giordano’s” pizza joint, even then, long before the bankster “pizzagate” deflection-ever notice how those who abuse people, and people’s people intergenerationally, hide behind distorted Italian stereotypes?

Here- have a look at a few of Gary’s addresses anyways:

Richmond, IL
Denver, CO
Fort Myers Beach, FL
Rolling Meadows, IL
Mc Henry, IL
Fox Lake, IL

Have a look at Gary’s Bio:

19 years police patrol, juvenile, detective financial crimes – Honorary BA Law Enforcement.
10 years carpentry and trades generalist – Journeyman.
30 years computer operator, troubleshooter and rebuilder – hands on self-taught.
4 years OTR semi driver – 40/48 states and Canada.
3 years Real Estate Sales – Listed over $1 milion.(note ‘ one milion’ lol)
7 years Direct Sales – Ran 2 stores and sales teams.

For an officer of the law, he sure moves around a lot, huh? Currently, he is in Fort Meyers, Florida, which is a likely location for a sex offender, or a cop who so far, has been protected because people like me are plainly too terrified to out these guys. We are plainly too afraid to say it out loud: the problem of child abuse is perpetuated by those who are closest to the control of the narrative, and only then, closest to the control of children, often via the blackmail, or entrapment of those children’s parents, and complicit with the larger social narrative of ” it’s for the children,” which is a mantra-repeated often and in trance formation by those of you/them in “organized society” at the expense of some of us in “dis-organized, or disrupted” society.

Us, the throw aways; the “dirts” as Mr. Crawfish, the editor of the local blog the “Body Snatchers Gazette,” likes to call us. Well, must be nice to be able to throw fishes at the sea-considering you don’t have a bone of bravery or compassion within you. Cowardice rolls like that.

And, despite all the hype, and the ‘concern for the children’ the average and ‘ordinary Americans’ are either too afraid, or too conformed, or too comfortable in their self-righteousness, or simply unaware that things like Gary Holv– crawl the world, under color of law, and bully, manipulate, or entrap the fathers of young children, and then, ritually abuse these fathers’ children intergenerationally.

But it starts by first naming, and then, shaming them; shaming these devils in sheeps clothing.

I remember my father, fighting off six cops on my families front lawn, barehanded. Isn’t that an amazing thing to imagine, in the era where American law enforcement are taught to shoot people in the back, or to bully grandmothers, or to taser 12 year old girls in  their vaginas?

Whatever happened to courage and honor? My guess is: Israelification of American law enforcement. Whereas once upon a time, it was the influence of the Vatican that was to be feared, today, it is the fear that if one mentions the usurpation and corruption of cops by the Anti-Defamation League, because the average law enforcement agent has no ammunition against a charge of “anti-semitism” or the accompanying withdrawal of black money that they bring to the town councils of America ” in the name of the children”. What has the pedophile cult of Popery got on that??

Digital Camera
My neighbor- I will call him “Doug” to protect his anonymity, says that Satan  is stomping all over my small town; and that Satan eats a lot of pizza at the gateway of the Rotary yard. I think I liked “Doug” the day I met him, which is why I told him about my own ” big story,” last spring.and why, likely, he told me about his other neighbor, who he thought, was running a Chinese birthing clinic.

I wonder what my local blogger,  Crawfish who writes “the Body Snatcher and Corn King Rattler”news paper would think of that idea. Probably, he is under the spell of the 1984 “firefighter hypnosis” of some kind or other (which is rampant in my area since a 12 year old girl was found butchered in the mountains with six missing .22 shell casings one year back in the 80’s, as the discoverer of her corpse failed to remember that she left the girl there for seven days before reporting it), or he’s just plainly fatigued keeping up that story about the three pedophiles in town.

Did I mention I live in a ‘three pedophile town?’ One pedophile is a jewish kid whose poor  Jewish mother is likely a target of selective enforcement or even blackmail, and she is connected to media and narrative; another is as yet fairly un-researched; and a third, well, he was formerly the head of the Armed Services Network, and a likely bagman for frame jobs and setups of foreign officials by our government , who has yet to recognize this hidden program.

I mean- I am just guessing there, but that last ‘pedophile’ was caught in Canada with a computer full of child porn, did a year in jail, and returned here-and as yet has never been held accountable to American/Air Force/ Armed Services Authorities/ or even the FBI ( most of whom participate in the distribution of child pornography.) Something sure is devilish in my town. What might that be…?

Interesting, isn’t it, how two of the three pedophiles in town are either Jewish, or involved with mass media, and specifically with  armed services media, isn’t it, Mr. Crawfish? I wonder: exactly what social mechanism-and what financing-what hidden Satanic cult enables enables such an interesting, but “off the radar” narrative? And then- what miracle “pedophile detector” does YOUR Town use to catch  ” these guys?”

Regardless- Gary Holv– is still a free man. And my sister became a teen mother at 17. I wasn’t much better than that myself, holding as I did such secrets-or being, eventually crushed by them, and those that perpetuate power for it’s own sake.

But I trust my guy down the hill- the one who talks about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Israeli’-who warned me last May that ” a lot of satanic stuff goes on in REDACTED town, and it’s scary.”

Yup- the devil seems to be in the details- and those who sit as watchmen of those of us who use words, instead of swords, or guns indeed.