Central to any discussion of the United States Constitution is the notion of privacy, and it’s necessary function in a healthy democracy. While privacy is not enshrined in the Constitution itself, it is in fact, inferred as a right not enumerated.

1. Introduction

1. The quality of state of being unknown or unacknowledged.
2. One that is unknown or unacknowledged.[26]

Put another way: American freedom is the direct result of subversive, anonymous activity waged in secret, by the founders of this country.  And that activity was then known as the Federalist Papers, whereby some of the founding fathers and for the sake of the the mothers, and children  who they loved, wrote to each other in secret, using pseudonyms.

As Orpheus found out in 2003, that subversive practice was no longer honored in hell, and a new practice took its place: the rape of individual anonymity by the state, and it’s agents and agencies, who favored instead, a narrative whereby the false dichotomy of saving American women and children depended upon killing other women and children in foreign lands.

But here is a primer on the rape of individual anonymity, and it’s replacement by hidden. secret courts and councils; intelligence agency psychological operations replacing individuals rights to assemble for redress, or to gather in peace, or to associate in private, or speak a word that was not uncounted or otherwise implicated as a threat to the new definition of freedom: fear through coercive blackmail, entrapment, and constant corruption of due process.

Anonymous, the group, includes afew idealists ( who get arrested eventually) leaving the vast politicized intelligence agency apparatus with its multi agency, international FiveEyes alliance, and all of the military trolls within it hiding like weasels behind the log of righteous imperialism, and waging war across borders on dissenters, originalists, constitutionalists, and more, while using trillions in resources to smash free speech into the dirty business of psyops and influence operations:

Here is how one Wiki’s definition ‘frames’  Anon’s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anonymous_(group)

And here is what the original Framers intended, as interpreted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation:


And here is one voice from MIT who explicates anonymity for the people:


Now- you can look up the original constitutional framework your self-but if I were to choose between my child encountering a mind rapist online who works in a nefarious and unconstitutional gray area of exploitation and data collection ALL THE TIME; who misuses their privacy, over a real rapist who my child has been taught to defeat- I would choose the constitution EVERY TIME, and trust my kid to report to the proper authorities- but who can even KNOW who the proper authorities are, once we cede control of our own privacy to unkowns on the internet- once we freefall into their web of ‘trust’?

I certainly have seen with my own eyes what that gate to hell looks like- and it isn’t enlightened one bit by ceding privacy to it.

Here is what one-just one intelligence agency is doing to your kids, online: