The thing about mirror’s is that they are false indicators of reality. Even worse, not all mirrors are created equal.


So, for instance, a magic mirror can hide your flaws, and eliminate your blemishes before you even know they are there. Other mirrors-those found in bathrooms, and dressing room stalls, for instance, are all there for one purpose, which is to create in the viewer a one way dialogue of self, discussing self, with self.

“Do I look fat in these jeans,” is a common query for dressing rom mirrors, whereas “Alright!? Who splashed toothpaste on the mirror and didn’t wipe it off??!” is heard in more than a few local households in my town, or yours. Then there’s always the case of the narcissist, in a house of mirrors, or drowning in a stream, but that’s another story.

Suffice it to say, that not all mirrors are created equal, and neither are those who look into them, or out from them, as was the case of the magic mirror that Orpheus stumbled upon, as he sat outside the gates of hell one sunny day. In him, there was no awareness of what a mirror is, or should be; no definitely formed idea about it’s purpose or capability, and certainly no idea what to do with it.

His first impression, of course, was horror-there he was as he was, on his journey to hell, and looking a bit ragged for it, but also emboldened by recent events- events like the code book that revealed to him that it isn’t all in his head-that indeed others had created such a portal, and manipulated his intentions and hid love so.

Here, have a look at it- but be careful to hide it from your children the fact that devils wrote it, and will, and do, employ it’s use in your child’s chatrooms; or your wife’s online therapy group-your husbands overseas financials.

Approach it with caution: How intelligence agencies infiltrate the lives, and eventually, the minds of intelligence targets for manipulation, selection, compromise or elimination

Here’s a snippet: “JTRIG targets a range of individual, group and state actors across the globe who pose criminal, security and defence threats. JTRIG staff use a range of techniques to, for example, discredit, disrupt, delay, deny, degrade, and deter. ”

To some, this may seem like a small thing- but to others, it might seem like what it is: pre-emptive and illicit prejudicial targeting of individuals for agency use in one way or another. To others, it may also seem like a logical and practical solution to the problem of enforcing conformity, or weeding te herd of sheeple.


But to Orpheus, when he encountered it for the first time, in Ano Domini 2001, it seemed plainly illegal, and highly suspect. In fact, it seemed dangerous and  harmful. But who to tell-and HOW?


WEll, for tonight, the gates of hell are beckoning, and I would like to leave all the good people of your town with one thought: imagine of your child encountered one of these operations? Imagine iff your teen son or daughter used the wrong phrase in the wrong forum; or posted a selfie to an unscrupulous online ‘friend?’ Then, imagine your child becoming a target of ‘domestic HUMINT’ collection for the next decade and a half. LIke a worm nested in the head of a cricket-intelligence agencies are known to drain the life out of people, until that person resists, or gives in too whatever pressure these hidden operators are asking of them.

Then, rethink the phrase ” it’s for the children,”because, is it, really? In a beehive, it is said, all work for the love of the queen. America, it was once said, works for freedom from the queen.

But what would Orpheus know about that anyways, considering that his own one true love had been taken to hell. Which is why he was horrified when he first saw the mirror, and himself in it.