The Privacy and First Amendment Beacon asks you to ponder this: in a world devoid of privacy- is the world more free? To the soldier, the sailor, the airman and the common person alike- do you know where your freedom actually comes from? Any man or woman can take up arms, and be relatively free, as long as you’re locked and loaded- but imagine a world where that ‘right’ is no longer enshrined- where that ‘right’ is no longer respected’? Where are you then?

The word is mightier than the sword, but when your words themselves are monitored online, and then, offline afterwards to monitor your associations, your religion, or your assemblies – can any other rights actually exist?

The last election saw the greatest threat to the Constitution that I have seen in my lifetime. And that, a war waged against it, and me, since 1993.

Now: imagine for a minute that there exists a minority opinion- an opinion that uses only words as a means to defend or attempt to rebuild a nation, and to unseat the vested corruption that embraces lies over truth in senate hearings and court rooms alike- that uses illegal means and methods of entrapment’s, and snares, and then reconstructs a civil, ethical, or criminal matter? And imagine that instead of a constitutional democracy, we live now in a shadow democracy, where those with power and access subvert the lives of anyone who gets in their way or challenges raw power?

Of course, you might argue, that is ridiculous! Words alone cannot spare a nation from conquest, subjugation, or control by outside enemies of freedom. It takes a gun to protect wealth, opportunity, and privilege! Words are useless against tyranny, because they only invoke more tyranny. But is this so-and are words alone enough? For some of us, the last several decades have been another kind of war- a war to maintain even the most basic due process rights, and then, freedom to associate as we will.

Now, imagine this: America was founded on two principles alone: Privacy, and speech. Guns were an afterthought.

No guns were  used in this endeavor of human contacting and associating with human, and those with the ability to speak privately, with candor- this endeavor that created the most glorious nation on earth was free and unfettered association, unhindered by the restrictions of invasion of privacy that we see today. The founding fathers (and servitude aside), understood that, and wrote, spoke, and associated accordingly.

Your guns are useless, if your brains, the ability to formulate ideas, and the ability to speak those ideas are not intact-if your ability to discern truth from lies, and threats to persons from threats to nations are not intact.

The pfabeacon welcomes you to contemplate how words pave the way for actions that protect and encourage asssociations- and what actions have any use, if not to protect speech, speakers, and the associated ‘rights’ of assembly, association, and the privacy to do so? America is under the greatest threat to it’s existence ever- and that threat might actually be ….YOU.

Before the second amendment can have any meaning, it must be predicated on the rights of privacy; and only then, upon speech within associates or an assembly, without which, there can be no America.

But for some, America has become a laughingstock of hypocrisy- some amongst us have subverted meaning itself, and co-opted words at the source of the speaker- invaded our homes with spyware, and malware, and psychological influence campaigns designed to elicit responses that are, by their very nature, attacks upon the person that are forbidden by due process; and that person devoid of free will, when those attacks on the mind come offline, and into our homes.

The pfabeacon asks that you open your mind to another way of seeing this issue, and to divest yourself of the notion that words ‘hurt’ in comparison to international campaigns of influence and the tactics and terrors they use to enforce their agendas on Americans- and to look at one another as people united by a standard older than the flag itself: a standard of human contact, via private words, the ability to freely associate, and the ability to speak ideas without the consequence of international powers distorting meaning and intention, and failing that, bullying and entrapping speakers into compliance- the pfabeacon seeks input and discussion about the ability to speak to one another again, as American’s united in an American cause.