In my town, there’s this blogger, John Crawfish. And this blogger is snarky, and insular.

The blog is full of inside jokes, and ‘dirt,’ mostly about ‘the dirts,’ whoever they are. Every town has some version of that, and at it’s most primitive, it is merely brutishness, and status combined to cause a base form of discrimination.

Perhaps discrimination is a necessary thing, and it helps us discern simple things like right from wrong, and good from bad, and so on. It helps us keep a dual paradigm, where social interactions are, on the surface, cut and dried. But also, filetted.

You see, the problem with locality, discrimination, and duality is that  it is premised on what is not seen-what is not brought to the light, but also, that which is done in darkness to others who themselves travel in the light. So for instance, while for some, it’s convenient that night and day have a clear boundary, so much goes on in dusk that it defies logic-so much so that, when one scratches the surface just a bit, patterns of gray emerge: do some defame others in broad daylight? Do some businesses suffer due to subtle patterns of gossip and slander? And: are all things equal elsewhere?

The elsewhere is everywhere. In my town, there is a prohibition on talking about dead children in Syria, Iraq, and everywhere, elsewhere, and this pattern has a definite beginning point-in places where speech takes place, like blogs. And, some peoples dead or otherwise destroyed children are valued at rates that are different than other peoples dead or devalued children.

And even though some 575,000 Iraqi children died from sanctions imposed by people like Madeleine Albright with help from Henry Kissinger, that’s not our problem.

In this hypothetical town, which is a small town, the outsiders are scrutinized at the site of the internet switch, which is likely un-constitutional, but that’s o.k., cuz, ‘insiders at the switch are better than outsiders.’

And, so are these peoples children valued as well. The kid from the hard part of town, the kid with the misfortune to be born in Mosul, the boys in Abu Ghraib; the Syrian baby burned to black crispness- these are all necessarily less valued by those who on one hand, value the local small town security, and on the other, rove the perimeters of morality kidnapping, raping, and murdering other people’s children.So, standards of scrutiny are different. If you press these types, you will hear one form or another of this phrase “collateral damage is a necessary evil.”

The other problem with small towns is that the internet has opened the door to a strange and devilish dilemma: that small towns that on one hand are patriotic in the sense that the those who ‘fight for freedom’ and are honored as they should be, are also those  for whom freedom comes at the tip of a gun- they have no ability to see that there is this other war here at home- the war to preserve liberty through the USE of the constitution’s guarantees through the use of due process, and privacy first, and words, only after that. So, for those of us who value freedom, we understand that the guys with the guns were enlisted only after the guys with the words.

While we all are bombarded with messages that emanate from hidden places overseas, and messages that cross the oceans on cables, to attempt to send messages to those who live in small towns, and those who speak in small towns. AND, these foreign elements seek, especially, the eyes and ears of children-like Pied pipers, cabal’s of pizza munching internatonalist’s are seeking to woo the children of small town America, while we struggle to prevent another outbreak of white slavery or other things that confuse and challenge our social order!

What to do? Prohibitions are always notoriously failed enterprises on every level except one: they steal time from some, in order to cause benefit for others who position themselves at the head of the issue, and profit from it. And-because the devil, of course is in the details, they just know better than you what the devil looks like. I know this, because the local blogger hunts the devil, everywhere but in himself, and selectively enforces a ‘no talk’ rule about dead babies in the middle east being devalued so that primarily white females (like the one in the clutches of the dark menacing brute above) have more value. This business of moral righteousness around American’s silently waging homicide and eugenics is not a pretty spectacle.

And so the speech of the speakers who challenge such a means of social control are scrutinized at higher rates than those who embody social control. In fact, whole platoons and brigades of speech monitors exist in the FiveEyes alliance, and airbases full of artificial intelligence bots, and armies of crisis PR professionals wage war on words themselves, and target non-conforming speakers with influence and control operations that defy law and ethics, so that everywhere a word eeks itself out of a speaker and into the internet stream is guaranteed to become a war zone.

With help, of course, from local bloggers who use their sites as virtual honeynets, targeting bad thoughts, from ‘outsiders.’So, every little patriot with a gun misses the opportunity to spot freedom as she slips away in the gray area of speech as it meets the internet cesspool of influence and control operations, and destruction by brute force alone.

But this is hard to prove in any sense of proof in most environments-as big towns simply are unmanageably large, and conversations that flow across those cables too numerous to spot this pattern, or to calculate  rate of prohibition of words, ideas, and imagery; but  small towns afford us the opportunity to view the big picture suppression mechanism in a microcosm, as the internet switches are more easily examined, and more easily revealed to have a ‘local agent’ of social control, working behind the scenes to manipulate, or censor, or otherwise disrupt the flow of ideas at their source: the speakers fingertips as they hit a keyboard.

Seen in this light, we can take notice that the last election serves an interesting example: the populist big mouth beat the democrat who stole democracy by policing pure speech, and the fallout is soon to follow.

In other news, the local bloggers traffic has picked up, and he even changed his blog format; no doubt expecting his 15 minutes of fame-no small town censor misses an opportunity for free PR. Down at the town council, the hive mind is likely humming, anticipating the rush of revenue as tourists from across the land come to see the site where privacy, and free speech was officially declared done for.

The Five Eyes alliance doesn’t need anyone’s permission to eradicate any one individuals privacy rights, or even the Constitution-because they are all in it together “pin ponging” illegally gleaned data from one nation to agents in another. And of course, my local blog captain, Doug, is just glad it’s not him they are coming for-but they will, in due time if he thinks bad thoughts, or challenges the social Order of Our Town (which he won’t because he’s in with the city council pretty deep, and quite a gossip, I hear)-and he runs a satanist gaming parlor in Monrovia. I wonder if he serves pizza there? Because eating pizza is a sataniss’ ritual.