A long time ago, in a land far away, it was said that the children were under the influence of “the devil,” and that in due course these things happened:

  1. secret courts, using secret procedures, hidden from the publics view, and using secret laws decided that it’s for the children-that everything is for the children.
  2. women were herded into the mold of ideal, and ‘cared for’ by the Fatherland, pursuant to their fruitful agreement to bear children
  3. with the pen built, the search for the devil began.

But where to look for the devil?  For many, and especially among the much despised artists, writers, and haughty mystics and intellectuals, the simple answer is to look within.

But self reflection has never been the strong suit of those vested with hunting for the devil, so, for others the answer is to look for the devil anywhere but inside themselves; to be ever vigilant to hunt and to seek and to manufacture, create, or otherwise find the devil without, and especially, to look at the intellectuals, artists and poets with their pretensions to critical thinking and skeptical minds, because certainly, he who hesitates, dies, goes the old saw; those who live by the sword have no time to think, when action is the right answer every time.

In that time, long ago, it was decided for us all that new tools of devil fishing, devil hunting and devil divining, devil entrapments and devil snares must be devised in order to protect the children from the devilish skills of critical thinking- that the children must be taught new mythologies to replace the old mythologies, and that especially, the children are always to  be on guard against the devil who might steal them away to Hades, or the local Boys and Girls Club’s and teach them something other than endless war; for war became in that time, the new God, and God became a servant to the masters of the children of the Boys and Girls Clubs, of that era.

And so it came to be that this other thing-this curiously Germanic/Nordic/Scandinavian thing arose: the conquest of peoples and tribes; nations and states; individuals and collectives in order to kidnap or otherwise enslave, for profit, the children of those who do not fear the devil. The odd paradox being, of course, that soon after the demise of those who do not fear devils, those who do what they do ‘for the children’ soon thereafter caused the fear of the devil, indeed, in the children of those who they had conspired to conquer.

And so it went, and so it goes, even unto this day. The children of those who fear devils are indeed a strange tribe; but powerful.

And if my local informant is any barometer, the blessed and sacred mantra of these people seems to be “Well, you see, there’s this idea that boys are soldiers, and girls are Barbie dolls.”

Who can possibly defeat that? And-how?

In olden tymes, it was said there existed a magic mirror, and that, if you angle it correctly, and hold it up and into the faces of those devils who look in upon your sleeping children with covetous and wolfish eyes- it was said this magic mirror could burn out the eyes of the devil master himself, leering into your abode. But, too, it was said that the weight of this mirror was great, and that the holder of such a mirror could be crushed under it’s weight, if held improperly.

This magic mirror had the most strange of qualities-it was primarily a one way, panoptical all seeing eye that had been invented by wizards in the nascent tech industry in order to cast one way light in a one way direction, and that to be used for one primary purpose-to keep the perimeters of the pen sealed tightly against the devil; but, too, this mirror was heralded, and said to hold another property lesser known: that if held sideways, it could split the world in two pieces, and fractals, and as yet unimagined spectrums, and that this magic mirror could cast light into places that had never been seen before, nor imagined to exist by the Children of the corn fed body snatchers, and their protectorate!

The mere fact that a sideways world exists is confounding enough for most, but to imagine that this mirror could be used in such a way baffled even the highest priests of the highest orders of the highest city councils in the land-for no one had ever held the mirror so. To even think of such a thing was, in fact, forbidden. To speak of it out loud carried the highest off penalties, and the strictest of social stigma’s and sanctions.

Ordinances on the books of the day were written in secret codes, and hidden from view off the general public; the council on light and shadows had deemed that the mere mention of such a mirror indicts the speaker as one who consorts with the devil, and that penalties incur from the day such sideways mirroring is even imagined.

Indeed, the security apparati personnel were instructed that should anyone be engaged in any way with casting such light, that they be immediately exposed and pre-penultimately punished with sirens and flashing lights; and that a full-pen warning system go into effect to warn the children about bearers of light; and that the bearer of such light should endure sideways glances forever after.

And it was to this light that many had also been drawn to, and quartered soundly in years and centuries past. While many had sought such a light, few had found it, because the social sanction was just too severe.

And yet the rumor persisted about the panoptical mirror, that it had such powers, and that many had died seeking the truth of the matter.

It takes approximately 15 years to raise a pen of children to full acceptance of official dogmas, and another six or seven years before such are ready to harness the tools of procreative power. And even then, the devil will seek his due anywhere but in yourself. The key to this equation, off course, is time theft- that devils conspire to steal time, in order to give the devils there due.

In these olden tymes, there was a myth of a man, named Orpheus, who sought the bride of his youth, who had been stolen away by the Pied Piper, and it was said in some telling’s of the tale that Orpheus was never a true hero, and  was a coward in the end. But too, it was not known at the time that such a mirror existed even then, had he known where to look- and that this mirror could contain two worlds at once; and that in one he could prevail.

You see, only through time is a man’s true character revealed; and only through time are his true intentions known; and this mirror, it was said, could also cast a sideways light into time itself, and it was this that, ore than  anything tempted Orpheus into acts of courage instead of cowardice; the search for this time shifting device was, for him, the most courageous act he could imagine; and it was this panoptical mirror that he one day found, and lifted, but in the lifting of it, incurred the wrath of the children’s children’s children of the body snatching corn huskers.

IN wrath, there are grapes, and in grapes, there can be wine, but only through the courage of the work itself can the intentions of the author be known. And so it went in the ancient and stale telling’s of Orpheus that circulated from one form of database to another for several thousand years. He was told and retold to be a sort of cowardly man, full of the false bravado of saving his love from hell. And it cannot ever be missed this one detail: that he had failed completely. Unlike Lot, who just moved on as his love turned to a pillar of salt, Orpheus never could move on, as he was trapped, forever, in the cultural glue of mythology.

Imagine a world without light? Then, imagine a world of super-imposed darkness- are they the same-are they indeed one and the same, and if not, what is the difference to the man in the dark? Such it is for any Orpheus who seeks light in a dark world, without a mirror to split it in two.

It is at this junction of pettycoats and stone-carved mythology where Orpheus found himself one day, scribbling on a wall with a crayon. It was on this day when Orpheus discovered the mirror. And, it was this mirror that Orpheus lifted, and cast light into the eyes of the Children of the Body Snatchers, expecting them to do the right thing; right as they knew it at least. Because this mirror will become the key to glimpsing the sideways worlds, and the fractured fractals within them that have so bent insight into mythological beasts and hero’s that there may never be anything ever again except things  that are ‘for the children.’